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Cost of Going Trenchless

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In the past, damaged pipes required invasive methods to gain access to the affected pipe and repair or replace it. However, modern technology has made trenchless pipe repairs possible. Environmental Pipe Cleaning can do many types of pipe repair using minimally-invasive methods that keep your Ashland, Virginia landscaping, structures, sidewalks, and roadways intact.

Our repair services provide peace of mind by eliminating unnecessary excavation. We fix your pipe without replacing it, and with little to no disturbance to the surrounding area. Environmental Pipe Cleaning wants to help you understand the costs associated with trenchless pipe repair, and how this innovative method can actually save you time and money.

What is Trenchless?

Trenchless pipe repair is exactly what it sounds like – our skilled technicians will repair your residential or commercial Ashland pipeline without digging up the surrounding area. State-of-the-art technology is used to analyze your pipelines and identify problem areas. Trenchless technology can be used to repair:

  1. Obstructions
  2. Corrosion, oxidation
  3. Invasion of tree roots
  4. Aging or overused pipes
  5. Hairline cracks
  6. Pinhole leaks
  7. Collapsed pipes
  8. Much more

Once the issues are identified, any corrosion, oxidation, or other material blocking the pipe is removed before the repairs can continue. Most minor damage can be repaired by installing a new durable lining to the inside of the pipe. The entire process is performed from an access point upstream from the problem area, reducing or eliminating the need for invasive dig-and-replace methods.

Many factors can impact the total cost of your repairs. Each job is unique and, as such, the price will differ based on those variables. Environmental Pipe Cleaning provides free estimates, so our friendly staff can communicate all associated costs and provide a detailed breakdown of what you’re paying for. Our process is easy and transparent, so you know exactly what is impacting the cost of your trenchless repair.

When Trenchless Pipe Repairs are Needed

Many environmental factors can impact the longevity and durability of a pipe. Living in heavily wooded areas can lead to an invasion of roots in your pipeline. Historic neighborhoods or other older buildings may begin to experience issues in the pipes after decades of continued use. Damp regions with significant rain or moisture can also experience ruptures or other problems. Oxidation or corrosion can occur based on what liquid is housed in the pipe and any contaminants. The material with which the pipe is made will also impact how it interacts with the materials passing through it.

Routine maintenance for your pipes can help you avoid more costly repairs in the future. Some indications of a potential problem can include unexpected puddles, sounds of water running, noises coming from pipes, low water pressure, slow draining in sinks or showers, and peculiar smells. Early detection can save you a considerable amount of time and money, so pay attention to warning signs and let Environmental Pipe Cleaning take care of any problems before they compound.

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Benefits of Going Trenchless

The advantages of trenchless pipe repair technology are nearly endless. You will be hard-pressed to find disadvantages to trenchless repairs when the alternative involves costly restorations for damaged buildings, landscaping, roads, and more.

Our advanced techniques will require little interruption in the use of the impacted pipe. Once the lining cures, you won’t be left with a messy home or yard. The clean-up is quick and easy because our trenchless repairs don’t involve excavation, reducing the overall time and cost of the repairs.

The durable materials used during trenchless repairs typically last for 50 years or more, meaning you likely won’t need to perform any additional repairs on that pipe for many years to come. The linings can be used with virtually any size pipe and will adhere to a variety of metal or PVC materials.

Environmental Pipe Cleaning is fast and efficient, allowing you to resume normal operations quickly.

Ashland Residential and Commercial Trenchless Repairs

Though the concept remains the same, residential and commercial trenchless repairs each have their own challenges.

Residential repairs are typically performed on water and sewer lines. The pipes are usually smaller in diameter and result in lower overall cost to repair. Access can sometimes be a problem for residential jobs when intricate landscaping, patios, or pools are present.

Commercial repairs pose their own risks and challenges based on the industry. Some commercial properties put chemicals or other solid waste down their drains, and pipes may experience fatigue from constant use. Our technicians have seen it all, and our industry-leading techniques can effectively locate and fix a wide variety of obstructions or other problems.

Savings Associated with Trenchless

Perhaps the biggest benefit of trenchless pipe repairs are the savings. Before diving into factors that impact the overall cost of your job, let’s first focus on how you can save money by trusting Environmental Pipe Cleaning.

Trenchless maintenance is performed from an access point upstream from the affected area, reducing or eliminating the restoration costs associated with dig-and-replace methods. Your savings could be due in part to:

  • Preservation of landscape. Other methods of pipe or sewer repair can require digging with heavy equipment, piles of dirt resting on your landscaping, and many different crew members walking over the area. All of that activity can damage grass, flowers, and other landscaping in a large area surrounding the pipeline and the property owner is then responsible for the restoration costs. On the other hand, trenchless repairs typically require fewer crew members and a much smaller work area. In many cases there is little to no digging required, leaving your landscaping intact.
  • No tree removal necessary. Environmental Pipe Cleaning services many heavily-wooded areas with mature trees. Invasive repairs require direct access to the affected pipe. Tree removal can even be necessary when the roots are surrounding the damaged pipe, which can add hundreds of dollars to your bottom line. Trenchless pipe lining and other services can be performed without harming the surrounding plant, effectively fixing the problem area without removing a beautiful mature tree.
  • No repaving of asphalt or concrete. When damaged pipes are located directly underneath the sidewalks or the street, the cost of accessing the pipe can quickly go up. High costs for repaving in addition to excessive noise and inconvenience to you and the surrounding property owners is enough to make some people put off their repairs altogether. Our technicians can make most repairs from a nearby access point, preserving the street and sidewalks with little to no excavation required.

Fewer crew members and a less invasive approach can add up to large savings for the property owner. You can even save thousands of dollars by simplifying your repair and reducing the need for excavation.

Cost of Going Trenchless

While trenchless repairs can be a cost-effective way to restore existing pipes without digging or other drastic measures, what else can impact the bottom line? Each job is unique, and many factors will influence the final cost for repairs.

That being said, Environmental Pipe Repair is transparent about factors that impact your final cost. We are happy to discuss any aspect of your estimate before starting the job so you understand the breakdown of costs. Below are a few of the most common factors affecting the cost of a trenchless repair job.

Length & Diameter of Damaged Pipe

The length and diameter of the affected pipe will have the largest impact on cost, since the amount of material needed to repair your pipe will impact the overall cost of the job. For example, the longer or wider the damaged pipe is, the more epoxy is needed to coat the inside. Most residential repairs are relatively small in length and diameter, with the average repair being under 100 feet. Residential pipes also rarely exceed four inches in diameter. Commercial pipelines will vary widely, but our skilled technicians will provide a free estimate of your job.

Extent of Damage

The severity of damages to the pipe will also directly impact cost. A small leak or hairline crack can easily be treated with a small amount of epoxy in a confined area, which only takes a few minutes to cure. However, a pipe with extensive corrosion or other large areas of damage will require a sturdier repair, which will impact your overall cost. We employ many different trenchless techniques, and some small jobs can be completed in just a few minutes while others will take longer. Though most repairs can be completed using some sort of trenchless technology, the extent of the damage will determine the type of repair and time needed to complete the job.

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