If Epoxy Pipes Are So Great, How Long Will They Last in My Home?

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We’ve probably all heard the saying, “nothing lasts forever.” It can be said this rings true even more if the thing you want to last is something good. Ice cream runs out, traditions end, and chocolate never lasts.

It’s an unfortunate part of life, accepting that things come to an end. What makes it a little easier though- is enjoying high quality and not having to worry that something will break or end before its lifetime. If you value quality you will not be disappointed with epoxy lining in your home and you can rest assured that these pipes are made to last.

First off, let’s talk about what an epoxy pipe lining is:

It’s a highly effective method of repairing any pipes that need to be repaired for any reasons. Epoxy linings can be installed in existing pipe systems, effectively creating a “pipe within a pipe” also known as a CIPP (cured in place pipe). Older and more outdated pipes are often composed of materials that can break down over time or otherwise wear down, while epoxy pipe linings can provide a quick fix for any pipe problems, and trenchless methods can be used for several repair projects.

Don’t be intimidated by a quick fix solution- this solution is very durable:

A main benefit of installing an epoxy lining on any piping system is the fact that it is often resistant to the factors that damaged the current pipes. For example, there are some types of pipes that are susceptible to corrosion such as iron and other metals. Epoxy linings can close any areas of these pipes that have leaks in them and reinforce them so that corrosion does not create leaks. The newly lined pipes often last for several more decades after they have had the epoxy installed, and they are more suited for the purpose of the original piping. The improved durability can make a significant difference, especially when the existing piping has had maintenance issues.

A truly no dig solution

Epoxy linings can be installed without needing to dig a trench. This can be a major convenience when there are expensive landscapes that cannot be removed or dug into without being costly. Epoxy linings can be installed with the pipe lining method on several different types of plumbing, piping or sewer systems. Epoxy repairs are compatible with a range of different pipe materials. Without the need for a trench to be dug, these repairs can be installed much faster than other plumbing repairs.

This quick fix solution is a solution that lasts.

When repairing or reinforcing any existing pipe system using an epoxy lining, it offers a long term solution for any current problems. Linings are designed to last for decades as long as the current plumbing system is properly maintained, and the quality of the repair is right on par with a total pipe replacement. Your home will have pipes that are made to last decades, leaving you worry-free.

If you think you need epoxy pipe repairs then call environmental pipe cleaning. We are a Class-A Contractor, Woman Owned Business and have over 20 years of experience!

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