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Sewer Line Repair Services in Virginia

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we are proud to offer our services for sewer line repair to the citizens of the esteemed city of Alexandria. With a population of 140,000 people covering nearly 16 square miles of land and water, there are tens of thousands of sewer lines within the city limits – and a fair amount of them was installed over half a century ago or more.

That means this great suburban area is due for sewer line upgrades from one end to the other. Thankfully, the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company is schooled in the latest technology to ensure that the citizens of Alexandria do not see the cost of updating the system translated to higher taxes.

Getting high-quality sewer line repair in Alexandria, Virginia

At one time, the task of inspecting and replacing sewer lines was expensive and tedious. There was no other way to either lay down or replace and repair sewer lines than to bring in excavation equipment and displace earth to get to the pipes and drains that were already in place. Sewer line inspections weren't an exact science either, relying on educated guesses to find problems. If you have ever been on the ‘receiving end’ of an excavation project to replace sewer lines then you know it is time-consuming and costly. It is also an eyesore the entire time the project is underway.

But the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company has become a leader in adopting the latest technology for a sewer line repair in Alexandria, Virginia. Today there is hardly the need for the old methods of inspection – which often included a walk-through visual examination in search of evidence there were problems with the pipes.

Sewer Line Repair in Alexandria Virginia

Now, our experts are able to deploy closed cable circuit television technology and lower tiny cameras into the pipes where they can go from one end to the other offering a full examination of the inside of the drainage system. The repair company is able to make an accurate assessment of what options are necessary to bring the sewer lines up to optimum working order.

Using drain and pipe liners in the repair process

Now, our company utilizes liner technology that acts as a ‘pipe-in-pipe’. A felt sleeve is dropped into the drain at its high point and then forced through the pipe. Once it is in place water pressure is used to invert the liner and then UV heat or hot water is sent through the liner to melt it into place. In the end, a seamless liner now extends from one end of the sewer line to the other and it is impervious to many of the challenges common to the older pipes and drainage systems.

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We here at the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company are proud to be able to serve the Alexandria, Virginia community. We are confident our expertise in sewer repair technology will be advantageous to the Virginia area and are available to meet with prospective clients about sewer line repair in Alexandria, Virginia at your convenience. We are just a phone call or email away and look forward to hearing from you!

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