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The thing with drains or any other plumbing necessities is that they are often hidden from plain sight. A potential issue with them is not easily detectable before it’s already taken full swing. And not odorless swing, too, as drain issues are famed for their awful smell. But why wait for the bathroom to stink when a simple CCTV drain video inspection done on a regular basis solves every potential headache?

Regular Drain Maintenance

Clogs, leaks, damaged pipes; these are all viable concerns that may affect the way drains work. But just as they are viable, they are all but avoidable. Our CCTV cameras can go where your eyes can’t, enabling us to survey your drains and assess their current condition. All it takes is a single access point through which cameras are lowered. They are operated remotely, and can cover drains’ length leaving not a spot unobserved.

One of many advantages professional cameras have over makeshift ones is the video recording capability. The footage thus acquired is later analyzed for any ailments in your drain system. Sizing up the drain pipes every so often is the best preventive step for keeping them free of trouble.

Locating the Issue

If you missed the opportunity for prevention and the unfortunate occurs, drain inspection will come in handy here, too. Our cutting-edge cameras can detect any drain stoppage with pinpoint accuracy and drive the guesswork out of the equation. The cameras have transmitters attached to them, and the moment they encounter the source of your problem we’ll know exactly where to dig, if at all.

Long Live the Pipes!

Apart from recommendations of a possible immediate action, our drainage inspection experts can predict long-term well-being of your drainage, and suggest steps towards prolonging its sustainability. Regular video inspection means health for your pipes, and will in turn result in a hassle-free, odorless drainage system.

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