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Pipe Bursting Services

During the pneumatic pipe bursting procedure, the Grundocrack® is placed into the host pipe at an entry pit or manhole. A Grundowinch®, based at the exit area pit and attached to the head of the tool, guides it through the host pipe. The host pipe is fractured, allowing the new pipe to be installed.

The Grundocrack effectively hammers its way through the host pipe, displacing the fragments into the surrounding soil, while simultaneously pulling the new pipe, usually High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), into place behind it. Pipe bursting is the only trenchless method of replacement that allows for the upsizing of the original pipe.

Pipe Bursting Services new pipe installation

Highly portable and very powerful equipment makes bursting service laterals up to 150 feet fast and simple and Sewer Mains 2000′ lf. Our trenchless pipe bursting services are capable of replacing pipes anywhere in size from 4 inches in diameter to 36 inches, making it a reliable tool for pipeline repairs. With Environmental Pipe Cleaning, you can avoid costly restoration and property disruption with our innovative pipe bursting technology. Call us today for more information, and we will be happy to discuss our work with you.

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