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Tree Root Invasion

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Tree root invasions are a common plumbing issue that need immediate attention. These invasions not only clog your pipeline, but continue to grow and expand damage the longer they are ignored. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, Inc., we use advanced trenchless technology to clean out the clog and repair your pipes quickly.

What is a Tree Root Invasion?

Tree root invasions cause both clogs and severe cracks in your pipelines. This occurs when an already damaged area of your line has a leak and emits water into the surrounding ground. This moisture attracts vegetation and tree roots to begin growing inside of your pipeline. These roots can clog your lines while also making even the smallest crack much worse.

Signs You Have a Tree Root Invasion

While it is difficult to diagnose if you have a tree root invasion without a thorough inspection, there are some symptoms to look out for that call for professional help.

  • Recurring clogs – if you are noticing your toilet, bathtub, or sink is frequently clogging for seemingly no reason, it could mean that you have an obstruction such as a tree root in your lines.
  • Slow draining – slow draining is a common sign that there is a clog in your pipelines that is affecting water flow.
  • Gurgling noises – gurgling noises are often the result of water having trouble passing through your pipelines. This could be because a tree root is blocking your lines, making the space for water much smaller.
  • Higher water bills – if your water bills are noticeably higher than usual, this could mean a leak is causing you to waste water.
  • Low water pressure – low water pressure is a common symptom of a leak and a clog in your lines, both of which can be caused by tree roots.



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Environmental Pipe Cleaning’s Approach

Environmental Pipe Cleaning prides ourselves in finding lasting solutions for our customers using industry-leading trenchless technology. From inspection to repair, we aim to give you effective service at an affordable price.

Camera Inspection

Our camera technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location and type of tree root invasion in your pipelines so we can eliminate guesswork and personalize your repair. These cameras are placed inside your lines through an existing access point and navigated by one of our trained technicians throughout your pipes.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the most reliable cleaning method in the industry and is extremely effective in dislodging stubborn clogs, such as tree roots. This pressurized water hose is inserted into an existing access point in your lines and blasts water to clear out any blockages.

CIPP Lining & Pipe Bursting

Both our CIPP lining and pipe bursting services are trenchless and used to repair your broken or damaged lines from the inside. This method is quick, reliable, and does not cost the time and money that traditional, excavation repairs required.

If you are concerned you have a tree root invasion on your property, our experts at Environmental Pipe Cleaning, Inc. can give you a diagnosis and repair quickly. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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