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Trenchless sewer replacement here in the Richmond area is oftern referred to as, cured pipe in place (CIPP) and it’s the best option to repair existing pipelines, and the method has been used for over 35 years. A cured pipe in place is both seamless and jointless and functions as a pipe within a pipe. It is one of the most commonly used pipe repair methods, and it can be used to repair sewer and other pipelines. The method can also be used to fix almost any type of pipe material including PVC, cast iron, clay, orangeburg, HDPE, ABS and many other materials.

A wide range of different sizes of pipes can be lined

Throughout the years, the method has improved so that a wider range of pipe diameters can be repaired. At the moment, a cured pipe in place can be used on pipes that range from 3” to 96” in diameter. Single installations can be up to 1500 linear feet. The method is very versatile and can be used to fix a wide range of different types of pipes, and it is also more convenient than other methods that require excavations. However, here at Environmental Pipe we excell at residential trenchless pipe replacement and most of our customers ask for it by name.

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A felt tube made of polyester and other materials is pulled into a damaged pipe

The process starts with a felt tube made of polyester and other materials used for pipe lining being pulled into an existing damaged pipe. The liner is usually installed from an upstream excavation point, and very little digging is required. Air or water pressure can be used to invert the liner. Steam, UV light, or hot water can be used to cure the resin in the pipe liner. The remaining liner is corrosion resistant, jointless and fits tightly, ensuring that the existing pipe can continue to function and avoiding the need to completely replace it with more complicated methods.

Using a cured pipe in place can be a much faster replacement method

A cured pipe in place can be a much more convenient and faster pipe replacement method than other methods that require trench digging. Digging a trench will require costly and time consuming landscape repair. Cured pipe in place installation methods only require a minimal amount of digging, so the installation site is not disruptive to the surrounding environment. It’s useful for both residential and commercial pipe repairs, and it can protect expensive landscaping. For more information about cured pipe in place installations, contact Environmental Pipe Cleaning at 804-415-4604.

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