Intentionally bursting plumbing or sewer pipes will probably seem like a counterproductive measure to the lay person; however, skilled plumbers understand that the use of pipe-bursting to burst and replace pipes is one of the most effective methods for replacing pipes without the need to dig trenches. There are a number of benefits associated with employing this particular method as a means of sewer repair or replacement.

Following are five reasons why using pipe-bursting technology should be a primary consideration.

1.1.Reduced Site Damage

Digging trenches can lead to a lot of damage to the site; however, one of the most prevalent benefits of pipe bursting is the fact that it does not cause as much damage to the site as other pipe repair and replacement methods. In addition to the reduction in damage is the subsequent reduction in cleanup time and costs. Something else worth noting is the fact that pipe bursting is considered to be “greener” than more conventional pipe replacement techniques. Using toxic chemicals during the excavation procedure is very common, but since the pipe bursting technology does not call for any digging, the need for chemicals will be reduced, creating a more environmentally friendly process.

1.2.Not as Labor Intensive as Conventional Methods

The fact that no digging is involved, means that there will be no need for a backhoe operator and crew. Additionally, there will not be a need for the hiring of contractors to shovel the dirt. Pipe bursting is simply a more streamlined and labor-efficient process.

1.3.Cost Effective

Cost effectiveness is related to the first two points, but it deserves to be mentioned as a stand-alone benefit. As a general rule, the use of pipe-bursting technology for sewer replacement will save a substantial amount of money. It is actually rather simple. There will be fewer workers to pay, less equipment to operate and maintain and reduced cleanup costs.

1.4.It is Safer than Conventional Methods

Truthfully, while excavation is common, it is not really that safe. Mold and asbestos are commonly encountered during the excavation process, meaning that workers will be exposed to the risk of suffering with the long-term effects of exposure to asbestos and mold. With the use of pipe bursting as the method of replacement, there is a significantly reduced risk of mold and asbestos exposure.

1.5.Higher Productivity

The fact that there will be no time spent on digging, and the cleanup process will take significantly less time, more time can be spent focusing on the actual replacement of the pipes, which means that the job can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to do it the conventional way.

In addition to the five benefits mentioned above, there is one other benefit that should be considered. During a time when people around the world are being forced to grapple with environmental issues and global warming, there is a need to pursue innovating ideas for processes that are less hazardous to the global environment. Not only does the use of pipe bursting as a sewer replacement method reduce a company’s carbon footprint, it also encourages innovation. The use of innovative techniques paves the way for the development of further innovating processes