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Prevent Pipeline Failures Municipal Pipe Inspection

The Importance of Municipal Pipe Inspection

Municipal pipe inspection is necessary in order to maintain a municipal sewer system, and it can catch potentially difficult to repair problems long before they occur. When a regular pipe inspection schedule is not followed, problems like sludge buildup, pipe deterioration, root invasions, corrosion, and other issues can build up over time. When municipal sewer problems are neglected, they can easily lead to major blockages and pipe collapses. This can end up causing plumbing outages for entire neighborhoods, so it is of the utmost importance for regular maintenance and inspection to be performed for municipal sewers.

Catch Problems Quickly

CCTV technology is used to inspect many types of municipal pipes, and this technology can save a substantial amount of time compared to other types. This technology is used to visually inspect the interior of the pipeline, allowing our operators to inspect the entire pipeline in search of breaks, leaks, tree roots intrusions, corrosion, and any other potential problems that could lead to a pipeline failure. CCTV can be used to inspect a wide range of different pipe diameters anywhere from 4 to 60 inches.

Municipal Pipe Inspection Prevent Pipeline Failures

Prevent Pipeline Failures

Expensive pipeline failures can be prevented using municipal pipe inspection technology. Some of the most common problems that can lead to these types of failures include sediment and sludge buildup, mineral deposits, erosion, roots, debris buildup, and more. All of these problems can be caught and fixed using video inspection, and the amount of time and money that can be saved by finding a problem and fixing it can add up to the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s well worth it to schedule regular municipal pipe inspections, and many maintenance protocols call for inspections at regular intervals, based on the volume of usage of the system, its age, and other factors.

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