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City plumbing systems are complex and much much larger than residential systems. Because of the large scale of a municipal plumbing system, they can be harder to repair. Whenever there are issues that need fixing, count on our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning are always available to help. We take pride in serving hundreds of satisfied customers in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington, DC. City plumbing, such as those found in hospitals, city halls, parks and recreational sites and factories must always be in good condition. Our expert technicians can get problems pipes fixed in the soonest possible time for you and the citizen's utmost convenience.

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we can take on all plumbing projects, no matter how big or small. Our company constantly invests in the best and the latest sewer and water line technology to deliver top-notch plumbing services right at your city doorstep. Needless to say, our services include a wide range of small to medium city repairs, installation and maintenance, among others. We have the latest technology and equipment to make big tasks quick and easy. Our fair pricing, honest assessment and accurate diagnostic procedure are the best in the business.

Municipal pipe cleaning removing grease garbage

Emergency Services

Plumbing and pipe breakdowns do not always follow regular business hours. When your pipes do something unexpected in the most inconvenient hours, you can count on our expert technicians to arrive on-site and bringing all the tools and equipment we might need. Our team of technicians are always available 24/7 hours to solve your most pressing plumbing concerns. Our years of experience allow us to repair, clean and replace pipes in instances where there is severe clogging of sink and drain pipes, interior or exterior flooding, both minor and significant leaks, loose joints and cracked pipes, and rattling and noisy pipes.

City Plumbing Services

At Environmental Pipe, we love to give back to communities. We provide a wide range of city and municipal sewer and plumbing services across the state while supporting local communities. We can fix any plumbing issue, from simple ones such as drain clogs to property-wide concerns such as basement flooding, sinkholes or backups.

Some of our city plumbing services include the following:

- Trenchless pipeline repairs and replacements
- Video camera inspections, reports and other services
- Backflow testing & certification
- Line and Utility Locating Equipment
- Plumbing maintenance, repairs and replacement
- Underground leak detection

Call Environmental Pipe For All Your Municipal Plumbing Needs

No matter what type of municipal services you are requiring, Environmental Pipe Cleaning will always service you with professionalism and speed to make sure your sewer and drain pipes are always fully functional. You need a company who has experience working on municipal plumbing systems and knows what they're doing from start to finish. Our team services city buildings like city halls, police departments, fire departments, sewer systems, post offices, and more. We are the undisputed experts in all the latest trenchless technologies to deliver stellar plumbing services to all of our municipal customers.

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