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Common Plumbing Problems

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All things wear down, including sewer pipes. The more brittle they become, the more they're susceptible to cracks, leaks, breakage and root intrusion. It's best to have your ailing pipes repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent costly emergency repairs and a huge water bill. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, our technicians are experts when it comes to sewer camera inspections, drain cleaning and trenchless technology. You'll be in total control when you call us for all your plumbing problems. Here's a list of the most common plumbing issues we get called for each day and provide you with insight on what kind of sewer problems you're currently experiencing.

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Running Toilet

Does your toilet continue to release water long after you've pressed the handle? It could be that there's something wrong with the inner mechanisms. Water runs when the valve that traps water and allows the tank to fill up can no longer provide a clean fit, when the fill tube is loose or when you have an imbalanced float. Moreover, it could be sediment that's settled on the bottom that's interfering with the filling and flushing process.

Blocked Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great for cutting larger food debris into smaller, more pipe-friendly chunks, but sometimes they malfunction, especially when you're not careful. Common problems involving garbage disposal systems include disposing of foreign objects such as silverware, inappropriate ones like corn husks or potato skins and running the unit without water.

Leaky Pipes

Leaks can start at the joints where the pipe is at its weakest. You can get fitting compounds and joint fillers to fix them temporarily, but what about the leaking pipes located in your walls, flooring and underground? At Environmental, our technicians can find slab leaks using the latest sewer camera inspection technology to save you time and money.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Using clog removers and chemical products may work for a while, but when used frequently can lead to advanced pipe corrosion. If you're experiencing clogs constantly, it's time to call a professional for a thorough sewer cleaning.

Low Water Pressure

Residents start to lose pressure when water trickles instead of gushing. Dissolved minerals from water form a buildup that stays inside your pipes. These debris accumulate on shower heads and drains, eventually forming a clog. After cleaning the shower heads or aerators and the pressure loss still persists, the problem could be inside the pipes.

No Hot Water

Water heater tanks must be regularly cleared of sediment and settled debris in order for the heating element to function in optimal condition. Otherwise, you could be experiencing a faulty thermostat or a broken pilot. Water heaters are complex machines, and repairing them must be conducted by a professional technician.

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we can resolve all plumbing concerns, whether a clogged pipe, constant backups or loss of water pressure. We specialize in commercial, residential, industrial, municipal and government plumbing systems. Our team of professionals are trained the latest trenchless technologies to minimize harm to your property and the environment. Request an appointment with an experienced Environmental Pipe Cleaning technician today.

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