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At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we offer municipal customers in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Washington D.C. modern pipe replacement services that they can rely on. Trenchless pipe replacement also known as pipe bursting is a trenchless technique which allows for replacement of sewer and drain pipes to be replaced and installed with minimal effort and no excavation. Our professional specialize in this service so that your municipal property does not have to struggle with severely damaged pipes and pipe problems.

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Municipal Plumbing Needs

Municipalities across the United States are being forced to deal with increasing water and sewer problems due to rapidly growing populations and aging systems. Several factors need to be considered in addressing this concern. Besides the usual challenges of cost and time, there are the factors of climate and soil involved with the area’s systems.

Because of the size and complexity of municipal plumbing systems they can be more difficult and therefore costlier to repair. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we take on your challenges of municipal plumbing because our company invests in state-of-the-art technology that is used to meet your needs. Our company recognizes the specific needs of government, medical and manufacturing institutions and recreational facilities in all of our service areas.

Common Municipal Pipe Problems

Municipal facilities experience problems that are unique from other residential, commercial, or industrial properties because they function on a larger scale. One of the most common problems experienced is tree root invasion. Tree roots often grow towards municipal pipes systems when they recognize moisture coming from the system as a source of nutrients. In addition, some municipal pipe systems may be made from concrete, lead, steel, copper, cast iron, clay or plastic pipes which have the ability to decay as they age and can cause a variety of plumbing concerns. Changes in soil beds may also cause shifting of buildings and plumbing which can lead to problems.

Municipal Pipe Bursting Technology

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we utilize state of the art techniques to save our consumers time and money. Our trenchless pipe repair uses cured-in-place lining. These jointless, seamless pipes specifically designed to replace pipes which have burst are the top in the industry. This method has already been used to repair various sewer pipe systems around the world.

Accurate identification of the problem, technical skill and the latest technology are necessary for accurate estimate of cost, timely intervention and resolution. Municipal plumbing concerns can run the spectrum of clogged pipes, sinkholes, flooding and backups.

Work with the Best Pipe Professionals in Your Area

Because of the many services dependent on the pipelines in your community, it is important to understand what is involved in both the prevention and repair of municipal plumbing. Our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning has twenty years of experience. You will feel a sense of security when working with our team of professionals because they will always serve you with professionalism and speed. If you have any questions or concerns about pipe bursting or maintenance of your system, contact us today.

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