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Unlike your roof or siding, problems with your pipes can remain a mystery to the owner until it becomes too late. Issues with plumbing are not only annoying, but can stop productivity, cost a great deal and have a negative effect on the environment. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we’re here to help eliminate your list of worries by offering today’s most eco-friendly and technologically advanced options, saving you time, money and stress. Whether you are looking to repair your damaged municipal pipes, or a drain cleaning for your residential pipes, our team of experts is skilled in it all.

high quality Cured in Place Pipe

Signs You Need to Call a Pipe Professional:

There are a variety of sewer and drain issues your property could be experiencing and no problem is exactly alike. If you are noticing any of these things, they could be good indicators that your plumbing system is in need of professional service.

Increased water bill: This can be a sign that you are wasting water due to a leak.

Foul odor: A sulphur smell coming from your drains may indicate that there is a broken vent or damaged sewer pipe under your house. It is important to immediately call a specialist, as this is not only unpleasant to live with but can cause environmental issues and damage to your foundation as well.

A patch of grass is damp or overgrown: If your landscape becomes swampy in one are, or is constantly over grown, it make mean a leak in your sewer line. Not only is this damaging to your landscape, but could be wasting gallons of water each day.

Warped, discolored or damaged wall: Leaks in your piping not only means a damage drain, but can damage other features in your house as well. Water damaged walls are a common side effect of pipe leaks.

Frequent clogging: When a drain clogs just once, it may be nothing more than a little hair or food build up. If there is frequent clogging however, there is most likely a deeper underlying issue at hand.

Slow drainage: Slow drains are not only annoying but signify a clog or corrosion in your pipes. If you are experiencing constant clogging it is important to call in a specialist.

Low water pressure: If you have already tried cleaning out the aerator and shower head, then the issue may have a deeper root. Build up from minerals, tree root clogs, or leaks in the pipe could be causing your low water pressure.

Gurgling noise: A gurgling noise when you use the laundry machine, dishwasher or toilet may indicate a clogged or damage drain.

Dripping faucet: Constant drips from a faucet may mean the internal washer is worn, stiff of dislodged.

Sewer system Backup: A full-fledged sewer system backup is one of the worst problems a property owner can face. It smells awful, is a major inconvenience to your schedule and is unsafe for the wild life and those who come in contact with it. When a sewer system backup occurs, a major pipe repair or replacement will need to follow.

Common Causes of Pipe Problems

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, it is always our goal to help you stay proactive about your sewer and drain problems. In order to accomplish this, it is important for you to know the common reasons your pipe could be experiencing problems and think about them throughout the year.

Tree Root Invasion: The interior of a pipe offers a warm, safe and moist environment for tree roots. This may be great for the tree, however it can mean some serious damage for your pipes. Roots make their way into tiny cracks, joints or corroded areas of pipes and begin to grow. If undetected, tree roots can completely take over your pipe and cause major problems like clogs, cracks and leaks.
Low Water Pressure

Grease clogs: Grease build up is a common problem for kitchen piping. When grease is poured down the sink it becomes a solid once hit with warm water. This solid clogs up the lining of your pipes and can create slow drains.
No Hot Water

Mineral build up: Over time, minerals from water begin to collect and build up. Without frequent drain cleaning these minerals clog up your pipes and prevent water from flowing freely.

Shifting soil: When temps turn freezing, soil contracts. Once warm again it expands. In areas with seasons, this cycle continues and causes severe damage to your pipes. Shifting soil can dislodge piping and cause cracks.

Damaged pipe joints: As the weakest point in your pipe, joints deteriorate more easily over time causing leaks. If you have noisy pipes that make a banging sound, especially when hot water is turned on, there is a change your pipe joints are under pressure.

Corrosion: Homes older than thirty years made with copper, manage a high velocity of water or have an imbalance pH, are at severe risk for corrosion. Corrosion wears down your pipe, making it susceptible to cracks, breaks and tree root invasions. It also has the potential to contaminate your water, so it is important to always call a specialist if you suspect pipe corrosion.

Answers to your Environmental Pipe Cleaning Questions:

  • 1. What impact does traditional pipe excavation have on the environment?

Pipe excavation requires digging up old pipes to be replaced with a new pipe. This digging of the soil can release harmful toxins into the air and topsoil, such as asbesto and mold. While pipe excavation can be necessary at times, when possible it is always better to look for an environmentally friendly alternative.

  • 2. Why should I avoid chemical drain cleaners?

When a drain gets clogged, it can be tempting to turn to chemical drain cleaners for a quick and easy solution. Chemical drain cleaners will only cost you more in the long run however, and are detrimental to the environment, and potentially your health, along the way. Below are four reasons why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners:

Damage Pipes: Chemicals strong enough to clear clogs are extremely damaging to a pipe’s structure. The chemical dissolves the blockages, which ends up corroding your pipe in the process and causing severe damage. Corroded pipes can contaminate the water, cause severe clogs and even bre45akages.

Bad for the Environment: The chemicals in drain cleaners are toxic for the environment. Once poured down the drain, the toxins enter the water stream and negatively affect the wildlife and plant life that come into contact with it.

Harmful For Your Health: Contact with chemicals causes burns on your skin, are hazardous to inhale, irritate eyes and damage clothes. This is particularly a problem when there are small children and pets in the home that may be at risk for accidental spills or even consuming the chemical, which can be fatal.

  • Not Always Effective: Chemical drain cleaning only works on materials such as hair and grease, however mineral blockages or large solids won’t clear out the clog and will only end up damaging the pipe.
  1. What form of pipe cleaning is safe for the environment?

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we specialize in trenchless pipe repair, a method which eliminates the need for digging.  By removing digging from the repair process, no toxins are brought up to the surface and wildlife goes undisturbed. In addition, without large crews digging up your landscape, and the cost of replacing that landscape after the pipes are repaired, the total cost and time is significantly lowered. Whether you have a clog in your residential pipes or a crack in your municipal pipes, a form of trenchless pipe cleaning is most likely the best option for the environment and your wallet.

Trenchless Services Offered by Environmental Pipe Cleaning

1. Sewer Camera  Inspection

When it comes to pipes, we don’t believe in guess-work. Before beginning any job trenchless pipe repair, our team of experts will first perform a sewer camera inspection to get a real-time look inside your pipes. This allows us to get see the exact cause and location of the problem and get the diagnosis right the first time. To begin, a high-definition camera attached to a tractor is lowered into an access point. The tractor is then moved around using a remote operation, so the technician can safely see the entirety of the pipe. Once the footage is captured our team analyzes the footage, and sends to the customer, so all parties involved are able to get an accurate depiction of the problem. Sewer camera inspections are a great resources when looking to purchase a property. If any potential issues are detected this can become a great negotiation tool.

2. Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a effective and affordable form of drain cleaning that removes clogs, corrosion and debris from your pipes with the powerful force of water. Using a single access point, a professional will insert a hose with a nozzle into your pipe and send through a high-pressurized blast of water. Hydro jetting is strong enough to clear out tree root infiltration or mineral build up, without damaging your existing pipes.

3. Cured In Place Lining

  • If your pipe is clogged or cracked, cured in place pipe lining (CIPP) is an affordable and eco-friendly option for repairing your damaged pipes. CIPP is essentially the act of creating a new pipe inside the existing pipe with a durable and environmentally safe epoxy resin. Our team of technicians will first perform a sewer camera video inspection to determine an access point in your damaged pipe. A liner filled with the epoxy is then inserted into the access point and pushed through the pipe. Once in, the liner is left to harden around the interior wall. Within a few hours,  the liner is removed and clients are left with brand new pipes immediately ready for use.

4. Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is another practical and environmentally-friendly alternative to pipe excavation. It is the act of breaking up an old pipe by replacing it with a new one. After a sewer camera inspection, technicians will determine two access points and insert a special bursting head with a brand-new pipe attached, into the existing pipe. They then push through the bursting head using hydraulic power, which in turn breaks up the existing pipe and pushes the pieces into the ground. A brand-new pipe fills its place, and the bursting head exists through the second access point.  

Environmental Pipe Cleaning Services by Industry

Industrial and Large Commercial Services: Running a business means working under deadlines. Whether it’s a manufacturing schedule or number of customers by a certain date, having a schedule and sticking to it is an integral part of success. When a pipe breaks or a drain is continually clogging, it is important that its repair doesn’t interfere with that schedule. At Environmental Pipe cleaning, our trenchless pipe solutions are typically be completed in a day and done without digging up your landscape. Traditional excavation can take days to weeks, and leave with unsightly holes in your landscape that need to be repaired. Our list of industrial services include:

  • Trenchless pipe cleaning
  • CIPP linings
  • Industrial drains
  • Pipe inspection

Residential Services: When your pipes are no longer running efficiently, your daily routine comes to a halt. Laundry can’t be washed, dishes can’t be cleaned. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we understand the strain plumbing problems put on your everyday life, and offer numerous solutions to find the best fit for your family. Some of our residential services include:

    • Video camera inspection
    • Trenchless pipe line repair and replacement
    • 24/7 Emergency service
    • Hydro jetting
    • Plumbing fixture repair, such as toilet installation
    • Water heater repair and replacement
    • Backflow testing, repair, and instillation
    • CCTX inspections
    • Fixing leaky pipes
    • Unclogging drains

Government and Municipal Services: City government and municipal pipe systems are more complicated and at a larger scale than residential and commercial buildings. These complex systems also come with crucial timelines, as the hospitals, city halls, post offices and police departments can’t simply shut down for the day. We understand all the unique nuances that come with municipal plumbing systems and are trained to handle them. As a Class-A Contractor that specializes in government and municipal services, you can feel confident choosing Environmental Pipe Cleaning for any of the following services:

  • Trenchless pipe line repairs and replacements
  • Video camera inspections
  • Backflow testing & certification
  • Line and Utility Locating Equipment
  • Plumbing maintenance, repairs and replacement
  • Underground leak detection

Why Choose Environmental Pipe Cleaning?

For over twenty years, our all female-owned business has been dedicated to remaining an industry leader in innovation for pipe cleaning, repair and replacement. Our team follows a high set of values, including a focus on environmentally-conscious plumbing and a promise to treat our customers like family. We bring that same sense of care and compassion to each job, day or night with our 24 hour emergency service. Give us a call today to learn about how Environmental Plumbing is the right match for your plumbing problems.

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