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What is a Municipal CIPP?

A municipal CIPP, or a cured-in-place pipe, is a type of trenchless pipe repair that is used to fix damaged or compromised portions of a municipal pipe. Municipal CIPPs can be installed to replace several different types of pipe materials and diameters. This trenchless-based technology also allows for the sidewalks, roads, and landscaping to remain in place while the sewer lines are repaired, which is a distinct advantage in municipal areas.

Specific and Focused Installations

One of the main reasons why municipal CIPPs are commonly used for municipal sewer repairs is the fact that they are very specific. They are installed only on the specific portions of the sewer line that need a repair, while the rest of the pipe can be left alone. This results in significant cost savings, and in many cases, this type of repair is preferable because the majority of the sewer line may be intact. Other repair methods may be necessary if larger portions of the pipe are damaged or need to be replaced for any reason.

municipal sewer repairs municipal CIPPs services

Minimal Disruption

In many municipal areas, it is essential to avoid traffic disruption as much as possible, promoting safety and security by allowing business to resume as normal while the repairs are being installed. Municipal CIPP installation sites are much smaller than traditional pipe repair sites which require massive excavations in some cases. This allows CIPP projects to be finished much faster than traditional pipe repairs, and labor costs are significantly reduced while the speed at which the project is finished is greatly increased.

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