Your environmental impact is always being studied and there is a plethora of articles written about better ways to reduce your footprint. Most of these stories focus on buying a new piece of technology or being mindful of the lights.

But what many people forget is how much of an impact plumbing and sewers have on the ecosystem. Our wastewater is full of contaminants and pollutants that must be distributed through the proper channels of wastewater management. If our sewers and pipes fail, our excrement and whatever else will seep into the groundwater and pollute everything around us.

When assessing your personal environmental impact, it is important not to forget your plumbing and water management. Your pipes are not only inside the home but are under the lawn as well!

Sewer Pipes

The lateral sewer line is your piece of plumbing that connects all the internal plumbing to the public sewer line. This line is located outside and underground and that makes it susceptible to damage, wear, and tear that other pipes do not face.

Although underground, these pipes are not out of danger. Percolating water shifts soils and can cause the pipe to crack. Tree roots are especially violent to the sewer line and it is quite common to have punctures and breaks form because of them. Small animals will also burrow inside the pipe, using its construction for shelter which winds up blocking and breaking the pipe.

Damage and Environmental Degradation

These small leaks, large breaks, or blockages do more than cause headaches, they allow for wastewater to be released into your lawn and property. This sewer discharge can damage the foundation of any structure near the sewer line. Excessive moisture will create pockets under the soil that can sink houses.

Not only is there the monetary incentive to fix your sewer line but think about well water or even public water sources. If your sewer line is leaking, that sludge is finding its way into the aquifer, not a pretty picture.

If your sewer lines are leaking, it is a safe bet to infer your public water line is also leaking. This amount of discharge close to your drinking source is a public hazard.

Environmentally Friendly Fixes

Fixing your sewer line can be a time consuming and excavation heavy project. But not to worry, there is now modern, environmentally friendly technology that forgoes all excavation. This “trenchless” method of repairing sewer lines is not only faster and more efficient, but costs less money!

By using a non-permeable epoxy liner, plumbers can now fix old leaky pipes without having to remove them. This method can fix pipes and give you a peace of mind without all the headaches and stresses of tearing up your property.

Ashland Virginia Plumbers

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