Most property owners suppose that sewer line maintenance is the duty of the municipality they live in. However, homeowners are actually in charge of that part of the sewer line which runs from your home to the main line located under the street. This line tends to be vulnerable to potential issues such as leaks and damage due to tree root intrusion, shifting soil, and the overwhelming weight of traffic or huge vehicles. Any damage, whether it’s a broken or clogged pipe or a system that’s worn-out over time has to be addressed to prevent further damage to arise.

Don’t hesitate to have your sewer line checked. Sewer inspections and line repairs are not as tedious and troublesome as you might think. The innovation of trenchless technology allows modern day plumbers to inspect and troubleshoot, repair and fully replace plumbing systems without digging. Here’s what you should know about sewer line inspection and repair that works to your great benefit:

Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer inspection has become one exceptionally straightforward process in today’s time. Back then, the traditional method meant having to dig up lawns and gardens and your entire territory would need to be uncovered to identify affected pipe areas. Now, a micro camera can simply be inserted through the pipe to give a clear picture of what is happening inside it and pinpoint absolutely which parts need repair.

Technicians can accurately evaluate the kind of damage and its severity, whether cracks may have taken place because of tree roots, old materials might have broken down, or pipes are clogged and needs to be cleaned. Video cameras can be utilized after repairs as well, to clear up which zones were already fixed and that the job has been very well done. For instance, if pipe lining has been performed, an inspection can ensure that the new coating has solidified against the current pipe as it ought to for a secure, trouble-free system that will last for many decades.

Sewer Line Repair

No-dig arrangements make sewer repairs less inconvenient and less stressful for property owners. There’d be no huge and dangerous excavations that come with safety risks.

Pipe lining is a popular method for repairing pipes without having to completely replace it, rather wiping out a pipe clean through hydro Jetting, then inserting a new pipe designed to line against the old pipe. The tough resin material then hardens into a new pipe that reduces the possibilities of leaks and the odds of tree roots driving their way into the pipe. Resin injections present the ideal method to repair pipes with only a few minor breaks which involves creating a small hole to reveal the cracked regions before injecting the resin and allowing it to solidify.

Pipe bursting is perhaps the best trenchless sewer repair method that can easily replace drain and pipe lines all throughout. Existing damaged pipes are effectively constrained off the beaten path, bursting it in the process to make way new pipe to sit right on its spot. The new pipe is made of more durable material that makes for a tough sewer line foundation at its optimal performance.