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Environmental Pipe Cleaning offers drain cleanings for the residents and commercial customers of the Ashland, Virginia area. This is one of the many trenchless services that we offer to ensure that our customers are receiving the most convenient, cost-effective options in the industry. Drain cleanings should be done routinely, but many people fail to realize the importance of them, so they forego the services until they experience an emergency. This leads to costs that could have been avoided by fixing the issues early on. That’s why we are happy to educate our Ashland, VA customers on the why drain cleanings are so important.

What are the benefits of routine drain cleaning in Ashland?

Routine drain cleaning is about more than just sparkling clean pipes. Clean drains and pipes will benefit your sewer system for years and help prevent major issues or the need for a premature replacement. One big issue that uncleaned drains causes is decay and damage to the system due to the toxic layer of grime that sits on the pipes. The grime is created from the bacteria and materials that are flushed down the pipes and accumulate on the interior over time. This includes materials from the toilet, shower, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, and washing machine. Even if things seem to be passing through clearly, matter can be left behind. Over months and years, that could create layers of buildup. Since the material that creates that build up is toxic, it can eat away at the pipes when left unattended for extended periods of time. This leads to holes and cracks which require repairs and, when really bad, total replacements.

Drain cleanings also help prevent the recurring issue of blockages. The added layer of build up creates a smaller opening for water to pass through. While water will still freely move its way through the pipes, materials such as paper products, food particles, hair, and anything else that is foreign to the pipes has a better chance of getting stuck due to limited space. If recurring blockages, slow draining sinks or tubs, or constantly clogged toilets are common problems in your home or business, you are likely due for a cleaning or sewer camera inspection to evaluate your pipes’ overall condition.

residential sewer inspection in Ashland Virginia

Hydro Jetting in Ashland, Virginia

If a sewer camera inspection determines you’re due for a drain cleaning, hydro jetting is the ultimate cleaning solution that will get your pipes in top condition. It not only removes blockages, but it’s powerful enough to blast through anything in the pipes that doesn’t belong, including tree root invasions and layers of buildup. Moreover, the waste that is removed is simply washed down the drains and into the city sewer system leaving you with no clean-up or additional work.

Hydro jetting uses a specialized multi-directional nozzle that allows the water to blast and the entire pipe. The power of the blasting water is so strong that it cuts through anything in its path like a knife with speeds of 4000 PSI. After the pipes are cleaned, we can perform a sewer camera inspection to ensure the job was done properly and also see the pipes more clearly for a better inspection and evaluation.

If you’re in need of a drain cleaning, call Environmental today. We service the Ashland, VA area with the best trenchless technologies in the industry.

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