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Ashland Virginia sewer drain replacement service

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, our innovative pipe bursting technology is seen as a hi-tech asset by our Ashland customers for several reasons. Using specialized equipment called the Grundocrack and the Grundowinch, our team is able to safely and effectively replace pipelines without digging an unsightly and disruptive trench. This is important for many applications, including commercial and factory uses where a plumbing problem can cause delays in productivity and profits.

Reasons Your Pipes May Need Replacement

Pipe bursting may be required in instances where there has been deterioration or breakage in the plumbing or sewer lines both in residential, commercial, and municipal applications. Because of the force and subsequent destruction that pipe bursting entails, this method is not designed for interior plumbing applications, but rather for Ashland pipes buried beneath the surface of the ground. Pipe bursting can be effective for underground pipes in any Ashland location, but it can be especially useful in urban environments to avoid alternatives that would involve jackhammers and concrete replacement.

sewer drain replacement in Ashland Virginia

How Trenchless Pipe Replacement is Performed on Your Ashland Pipes

Using a single entry point, the Grundocrack machine is inserted into the host pipe that’s experiencing distress. Under the force and power of the Grundocrack, the pipe is fractured from the inside out, and the shards are pressed outward into the underground soil. At the single exit point, the Grundowinch guides the Grundocrack machinery through the existing host pipe to ensure proper pacing and direction. At the same time that the host pipe is burst, the new pipeline is pulled through the line easily once the existing material has been broken up. Pipe bursting is the only method of trenchless pipe replacement that makes it possible for a larger pipe to be reinserted than was previously used. In fact, our pipe bursting technology can accommodate pipes from 4” to 36” in diameter, which makes it useful for a variety of applications. The Grundocrack and Grundowinch can do 150’ runs with ease, our team can even work on sewer mains up to 2000 lateral feet.

Scheduling a Pipe Replacement Services in Ashland, VA

Our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning is always ready to come onsite for a free estimate. We’ll take a look at the plumbing system and determine whether or not pipe bursting is the best alternative for to some any issues that may be occurring. Our professionals are all highly trained, screened, and tested, to ensure we always offer the highest quality service to our customers. And because our work is time tested and guaranteed, our clients can rest assured that their pipelines won’t become problematic for years to come. Give us a call to schedule a potential pipe bursting appointment. Our local team of experts offers 24/7 care for all our Ashland customers.


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