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Environmental Plumbing Services is located in your Baltimore, Maryland area and is available to inspect and clean both any drains that exist on your residential or commercial property. Either type of drain cleaning appointment begins with a sewer camera inspection.

Camera Inspection

Whether the pipe is running from your building’s rooftop to the ground, or from the any of the building’s kitchens or bathrooms to the structure’s main sewer drain pipeline that extends from the under the building down to the street, the camera inspection is performed in relatively the same manner

A small waterproof camera is inserted into the pipeline. The camera is attached to a fiber optic cable that feeds what the camera sees back to our technician. Underground pipeline inspections often utilize a robotic version of the camera, allowing the technician to move and stop the camera at any concerning spots.

drain cleaning service in Baltimore MD

Drain Cleaning in Baltimore, MD

When a blockage such as rooftop gathered leaf and pine needle debris or an underground tree root invasion is discovered, our technician will use a method called hydro jetting to clean the pipe of the obstruction. A hydro jetting procedure uses highly pressurized water, a flexible hose, and a multi-directional nozzle. The nozzle is inserted into the pipeline and a powerful blast of water is used to scour clean the inside of any pipeline affected with a clog of any sort. Even tree root bundles can be burst apart and rinsed clear of the pipe. Once the hydro jetting is completed, the interior wall of the pipeline is smooth and clean. Keeping the pipeline wall smooth helps greatly to discourage future debris from becoming snagged and creating another blockage. This process can be performed from a building’s rooftop to clear out storm drains as well as from a vertical direction to scrub clean sewer pipelines.

After a hydro jetting is completed, often a second camera inspection is performed. This camera inspection will look for any tiny cracks that may have previously been camouflaged by debris. Tiny cracks are much easier and faster to repair than the larger cracks they will become over time. It is always wise to check carefully for small cracks and repair them immediately.

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When corrosion or clogs inside the pipeline are discovered, a hydro jetting service is usually recommended. Corrosion is a build up of minerals from the water which bind to the interior wall of the sewer pipeline. This is a natural occurrence over time. The binding minerals form a rough wall surface that allows other materials to gather and create snags that slow or even back up the water flow.

The hydro jetting process uses highly pressurized water and a multi-directional water jetting nozzle to scrub and scour the interior of the pipeline wall to create a clean and smooth surface. This allows the water to flow quickly again and can also reveal small, previously hidden cracks.

Pipeline Repairs

Small cracks, when found, are easily repaired using a cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner. This process involves inserting a liner which is coated with an epoxy resin, into the pipeline at the location of the identified crack. The liner is then inflated, which presses the resin against the interior pipe wall while it sets and hardens. When the curing process is complete, the liner is deflated and removed, leaving behind a new, durable interior pipe wall.

Each of these inspection, cleaning, and repair methods require only hours to complete. They do not require a large crew. No digging needs to be performed when sewer pipelines are involved. Our methods are both time and cost efficient.

Once any repairs are performed, Environmental Plumbing Services would be happy to recommend a maintenance inspection schedule. This would allow your building’s pipelines to be inspected and treated as necessary, prior to any symptoms occurring that could affect the work flow of your household or business. Our experienced and dedicated Baltimore team is ready to support any of your structure’s pipeline needs. Contact us here for a consultation.

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