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At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, it is our goal to provide Henrico, Virginia customers with the most effective sewer and drain pipe replacement services possible. Pipe bursting is a specialized method of pipe replacement. By using highly effective tools called the Grundocrack and the Grundowinch, pipe can be replaced without having to dig an unsightly and inconvenient trench along the entire length of the pipeline. Because there is minimal above ground damage to be repaired, pipe bursting is often the most cost effective trenchless pipe replacement solution for our Henrico customers.  

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Using a single entry point, such as a manhole, the Grundocrack is inserted into the faulty underground host pipe. It’s designed to hammer through the pipe’s interior with extreme, localized force in order to fracture the pipe material. The shards of pipe are pressed into the nearby soil as the Grundocrack moves along the line with the help of the Grundowinch. The Grundowinch is stationed at an exit point where it pulls the Grundocrach through the pipeline on a strong tether to ensure that the Grundocrack doesn’t get off track. At the same time the brand new pipe, usually made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), is pulled along behind the Grundocrack. These tools can handle pipes ranging in diameter from 4” to 36” which allows pipe bursting to be used in a variety of applications. And since the Grundocrack and Grundowinch can handle 150’ at a time, pipe bursting can easily be done over a total of 2000 lateral feet.

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Benefits of Pipe Bursting for Your Henrico, VA Pipes

Pipe bursting is a great solution for plumbing issues that involve pipe deterioration or breakage beneath the surface. Because of the force used and the pipe fragments that result from the pipe bursting process, this method is not used on interior pipes. Because our tools can handle a wide variety of pipe diameters, pipe bursting can be used on residential, commercial, and municipal piping. Though pipe bursting can be done throughout the Henrico area, it’s especially useful in urban areas where concrete or blacktop may be covering the pipeline. Using this trenchless technology avoids the need for jackhammers and concrete repair, which can end up being both costly and disruptive. The whole process is completed with care and precision by our trained professionals, and it’s the only trenchless solution that allows for a larger pipe to be used than what was previously there.

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The first step in pipe bursting is always to get a free estimate by our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning. Our local Henrico team will come out and determine if pipe bursting is the most effective method of solving the plumbing problem at hand. Since we’ve been in business for over 20 years, our customers have come to depend on our time tested and cutting edge solutions that cater to their individual needs. Our employees are always screened, trained, and tested to ensure the highest quality service. Give us a call to schedule that free estimate. Our crew will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the pipe bursting process and how it can benefit your particular property.


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