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Upper Marlboro, Maryland was established in 1706 making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service, Co., is honored to serve the citizens of Marlboro as well as the great state of Maryland. We have been working side by side with our Maryland neighbors for years – performing drain inspections and a variety of other services related to pipes and drains.

About drain inspection in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Beneath the quaint streets of Marlboro lies the pipes and drains that carry tens of thousands of gallons of freshwater and an equal amount of wastewater back and forth to their appropriate destinations. In a town that dates back almost three centuries there can be no question that some of its plumbing has become outdated and may suffer from old age. As such, it is recommended that regular drain inspections are carried out to guard against bursting pipes that disrupt the bucolic nature of so lovely a town.

Drain inspection has changed over time

The ‘art’ of drain inspection has changed more over the years than has the city proper. At one drain inspection in Upper Marlboro, Maryland was nothing short of an ‘inexact’ science. An inspector would eyeball the outward appearance of the line and if he saw signs of leaking he would notify the proper people who would then be advised to dig up the area and check on the condition of the pipes.

Today drain inspections is very different. Thanks to the miracles of technology the experts at Environmental Pipe Cleaning Technology are able to send an inspector to the site who will drop a CCTV camera into a pipe where it will travel the length sending back crystal clear images of the inside of the drain where it may be recorded and even played back on YouTube! This has changed drain inspection altogether – making it a very exact ‘science’ indeed in which the inspector is able to pinpoint problem areas – that have the potential of becoming expensive issues for all stakeholders.

We can produce 3D renderings of your entire drain and pipe infrastructure

Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company now also has the capability to provide 3D renderings through the sophisticated application of GPS overhead mapping that gives you a better picture of your entire drain and pipe infrastructure.

Drain inspection in Upper Marlboro, Maryland – the First Step

Of course, drain inspection is not for the purpose of inspection alone. It is meant as an assessment tool that will allow the expert to then decide what steps may be needed to address potential drain and sewer problems, or to inform the prospective party that no further action is needed because the pipes look fine.

If other problems are uncovered – and the possibilities are endless – from cracks in the pipes, to sludge buildup and more – then options will be provided to the customer.

Whatever options you are given – Environmental Pipe Cleaning Technology Service Company is here to meet your needs. We perform all services related to drain inspection in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and pipe and drain work. This includes inspections, repairs and installation – and we are never satisfied until you are. Contact us today at: 800-785-3723. We look forward to hearing from you!

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