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In older, scenic towns, Main Street is generally comprised of charming storefronts with rooftop storm drains that are partially embedded within the façade of the building. The age of the structures and the location of the storm drain pipes makes it vitally important that these types of buildings have their storm drain systems periodically inspected and cleaned. Mechanicsville, Virginia is a town with a great deal of age and history. The town was settled in the 17th century and was the site of many civil war battles. Over 950 properties in Mechanicsville, VA proper were built pre-1950s.

Drain Cracks and Breaks

When storm drains that are embedded into the façade of a building develop a crack or break, the water usually works its way through the path of least resistance, which is generally through the interior wooden framing and drywall. The storm drains can fail due to the age and type of material used for the drain system, and debris can build up and block the storm water flow.

Once water begins to seep through a crack into the interior of a building, a great deal of destruction can occur before the first puddle is seen inside an apartment or inside a business office. Damp or soaked wooden framing is able to support the growth of mold spores which can have dangerous

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The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning

Environmental Plumbing Services highly recommends that all municipal, industrial, business, and residential buildings in Mechanicsville be placed on a storm drain maintenance schedule to avoid all of the catastrophes that can occur over time when the storm drains in a building are not periodically checked.

Once an initial maintenance appointment is scheduled, we will start by performing a drain camera inspection. A small camera is inserted into the storm drain system at rooftop level and lowered through the drain system. The camera is attached to a fiber optic cable that relays what the camera sees back to our experienced technician.

Mechanicsville Drain Cleaning, Inspections, and Repairs

Should any amount of debris be identified by the camera, our technician will perform a hydro jetting service. This process uses highly pressurized water, a flexible hose, and a multi-directional water jetting nozzle to spray away any debris that has become stuck in the storm drain system.

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