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Baltimore, Maryland is one of the oldest cities in the country, and one of the original 13 colonies! Today it boasts the largest number of monuments in one municipality and has a population of over 2 million. Those figures alone should tell even the most inexperienced person in the subject of sewage and drainage pipe systems that frequent pipe cleaning in Baltimore is often needed and a crucial component of maintaining the functioning status of the sewer system in the state.

What is pipe cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland?

There are thousands of miles of pipes and drains that are buried under the city streets and sidewalks of Baltimore. Some have been there for over a century or more, and even if they are not in need of replacing – which is highly unlikely – they have definitely been exposed to millions and millions of gallons of dirty water and gunk that leaves a residue buildup over time. Everything from roots to waste, calcite to a breadth of obstructions can find their way into a pipe and settle in for the long-haul. When this happens it interferes with the optimum flow of water and wastewater to and from the appropriate sources.

Pipe Cleaning service in Baltimore Maryland

So, just like everything else around your home – the sewer pipes occasionally need to be cleaned! This may sound far-fetched – or perhaps it’s a concept you’ve simply never entertained – however, it is a fact nonetheless. And, thanks to companies such as the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company, the residents of Baltimore, Maryland can rest easier knowing that the professional staff members of our company are trained and seasoned in the art of pipe cleaning!

How is pipe cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland performed?

Probably one of the most common ways to clean a pipe is with the use of commercial grade hydro jets and water jetting services. The concept can be seen in a variety of home products today where high powered jet streams of water are used to clean everything from your home to your teeth. SO it should come as no surprise that it is also used for commercial purposes as well.

Unfortunately, some pipes have highly stubborn buildups of grease and sludge – and even rust! But the power of streams of water that are targeted on these problem areas through the use of nozzles and other equipment can wipe out the buildups and create clean pipes that allow for the maximum flow of water again.

After all, that is the primary purpose of pipe cleaning. Clean pipes allow for easier and more efficient water flow, and that cuts down on costs to the customers. We here at Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Company take the responsibility of cleaning out drains and sewer pipes very seriously. Our goal is to meet the needs of our commercial, municipal or residential customers and ensure that the pipes coming to and from the water source are clean and clear of debris and dirt.

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