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The good folks of Fayetteville, North Carolina have been long-time customers of the Environmental Pipe Cleaning. We have been serving the residential, commercial and municipal sectors of the community for several decades in all aspects of pipe and drain system services. But one of our specialty areas is pipe inspections in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

What is a pipe inspection?

Lying beneath the streets and sidewalks of every town in America ishundreds of miles of drains that carry fresh water to and wastewater away from customers. The wastewater may come from showers or bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens but it all ends up in a treatment plant. At the same time, freshwater must pass through a number of inspections before it is deemed suitable for public use.

Pipe Inspection service in Fayetteville NC

A pipe inspection is used to determine the amount of deterioration

One way to ensure this happens is to perform regular inspections of the pipes and drains. Another reason for pipe inspections is to determine the level of corruption that has occurred naturally over the course of time. Pipe inspections use to be a sort of hit or miss activity. If a customer suspected they were having trouble with their pipes they would bring in a specialist who would perform a cursory visual inspection in search of obvious problems. If there was evidence of a break then excavators would have to be called in who would dig up problem areas. It was hardly an exact science and cause trouble for home and business owners and city officials, not to mention it was often very pricey.

A pipe inspection in Fayetteville, North Carolina is very sophisticated

Today, pipe inspections are very sophisticated. They use cameras hooked up to closed-circuit televisions. These cameras are attached to miniature vehicles that allow them to travel the length of the pipeline taking images of the inside of the pipe and sending them back to the inspector to examine. This has helped to ensure that problems are obvious before drastic steps are taken. It also allows inspectors to develop options to present to the customer who can then decide what path he or she wants to take regarding repairs.

We can provide you with 3D renderings of your pipe infrastructure

We are especially proud to say that here at Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company we also have the capability to provide 3D renderings through the sophisticated application of GPS overhead mapping that gives you a better picture of your entire drain and pipe infrastructure.

However, pipe inspection in Fayetteville, North Carolina is the first step. Its true value lies in the fact that It is meant as an assessment tool that will allow the expert to then decide what steps may be needed to address potential drain and sewer problems, or to inform the prospective party that no further action is needed because the pipes look fine.

Whatever options you are presented with – Environmental Pipe Cleaning is here to meet your needs. We perform all services related to pipe and drain work. This includes inspections, repairs, and installation – and we are never satisfied until you are.

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