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Environmental Pipe Cleaning is here for you and we offer pipe cleaning, lining, and repair services to the Maryland community. Our company has been in business for several decades and we provide comprehensive pipe and drain service to our customers in the tri-state area including all of the state of Maryland.

Pipe cleaning, lining and repair in Maryland is often needed with outdated infrastructure

There is a hardly a day that goes by when the news does not do a story or commentary on the state of the infrastructure in America. It should not be unexpected really because many of the roads and bridges, buildings and sewers were built half-a-century ago or more. Just like everything else – things get old, they fall into disrepair and they need attention. Even things that have been well-maintained age and need replacement.

So the citizens of Maryland should expect that if they are going to enjoy the advantages of a world-class sewer system the time is going to come when it needs attention. And that time is now. Many of the pipes and drains across the state need to be repaired but that is very costly. The reason for this is that repairs have historically meant excavating the ground and going in and fixing the pipes or replacing them. Well, no more!

Pipe Cleaning Lining and Repair service Maryland

The latest technology for pipe cleaning, lining, and repair in Maryland

It is a tribute to American know-how that many of the pipes and drains that are broken and cracked are no longer needing to be dug up at all. Instead, a whole new approach is becoming commonplace. Now, those in the sewer and drain industry turn to pipe lining technology to create a ‘pipe-in-pipe’ scenario. With the insertion of a sleeve of material from the beginning of a sewer to its end, water pressure is run through the pipe inverting the sleeve, after which heat is applied in the form of water or light and the lining is cured to the old pipe creating a durable, if not indestructible conduit for city water.

CCTV and cameras are used for pipe cleaning, lining, and repair in Maryland

Industry experts start by visiting a site and using CCTV technology and cameras to inspect the inside of the sewer pipe in question. They are looking for evidence of corrosion, cracks, wear and tear and build-up of various substances that may either be cleaned out or be indicative of the need for replacement. For example, if our professionals from the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service were to inspect a sewer line and find a certain amount of dirt buildup, we might suggest the pipes are cleaned. This is simpler than it sounds in most cases – with the use of jet stream water to be sent through – the power of which would break down the buildup and sent it through the pipes to the outlet.

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The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Company is proud to be a part of the Maryland commerce community. We have an excellent reputation and believe in providing quality service to all our customers. Your satisfaction is our goal. We are available to communicate with you at your convenience.

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