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Annapolis, Maryland is just one of the many historic cities that is served by the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service, Co., We specialize in all aspects of the pipe, drain and sewer system business including inspections, recommendations, and repair and replacement when necessary. We have a wealth of experience in pipe lining repair in Annapolis, Maryland.

What is pipe lining repair?

Underneath homes, commercial properties and municipalities at large are a series of thousands of miles of pipes and drains that carry clean water to a site and dirty water away from it for recycling. This goes one endlessly right under your feet without you ever realizing it – that is until a pipe bursts or leaks and water finds its way to the surface. So, when these pipes are somehow damaged or broken – they only option is to perform a pipe lining repair in Annapolis, Maryland.

Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service offers professional pipe lining repair in Annapolis, Maryland

That is the business of Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service., Co. We are able to assess the location of a break in the pipeline and determine whether a repair or replacement is needed. Today, technology has aided in the repair and replacement of broken pipe lines in Annapolis, Maryland and the tri-state area. Often the repair can be done by first sending down a CCTV camera into the line itself that will run the length of the pipe and send back images of the inside to the inspector. In this way the inspector is able to determine the extent of the damage and make a reasoned suggestion about how to proceed in the repair process.

A common method of pipe lining repair in Annapolis, Maryland

At one time when a pipe burst there was no choice but to dig up the pipe and replace it. This was costly, unsightly and tedious to everyone involved – from the homeowner to the construction companies and more. It was a task that usually took a lot of time, left yards and even neighborhoods in disarray and raised the ire and frustration of the home or business owner or city official.

Now, a pipe lining repair in Annapolis, Maryland is often as easy as sending a ‘sleeve’ into the broken pipe section and running it through to the other end. Then extreme water pressure is sent through to turn this lining inside out and it is then cured to the old pipe section creating a ‘pipe-in-pipe’ effect. Only this material is nearly indestructible and almost guaranteed to last for as long as half-a-decade with hardly a problem. As you can see – pipe line repairs just aren’t what they used to be.

The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Services, Co.

We are a full service company that is able to meet your many sewer and pipeline needs. Our professionals are trained in the separate areas of inspection, repair and replacement and cleaning. We recognize that there is a time and place for each of these services and work tirelessly to maintain these skills for the benefit of our customers. We aren’t happy unless you are!

So, don’t wait. Contact us today at: 800-785-3723. We are available to speak with you at your convenience and accept calls and emails about a pipe lining repair in Annapolis, Maryland.

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