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Pipe Lining in Wilmington, NC

Pipe Lining Services

Wilmington, North Carolina is a beautiful area of the United States where it hardly seems possible that pipe and drain system problems would present themselves and the residents would require the help of the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Co. Yet, year in and year out our residential, commercial and municipal neighbors find themselves in a position where they turn to us for a pipe lining in Wilmington, North Carolina.

About getting a pipe lining

Those who are in the sewer, drainage and pipe industry today find themselves able to rely on the latest technology to meet their customers’ needs. Where once a broken pipe or drain would usually be cause for new installations that would entail excavation and removal of the old pipes to be replaced with new, now there are other options for a pipe lining in Wilmington, North Carolina that are preferable and all around better for everyone involved.

A pipe lining in Wilmington, North Carolina basically creates a new pipe

Pipe lining is akin to putting a new pipe inside of the old one without ever having to remove the original pipe. This is highly advantageous because it cuts out the process of digging up the earth, taking out the old pipes and discarding them and then laying down new pipes. Instead, there are single access pipe relining systems that will rehabilitate the system that is currently in place. No digging required – honest!

The process begins by cleaning out the current pipes. Then a felt liner with polyurethane is saturated with an epoxy resin and inverted into the pipe and expanded with the use of any number of pressure systems. The term that is used for adhering the liner to the old pipe is called ‘curing’. What happens is the lining permanently attaches to the inside of the pipe through the use of some type of heating element that cooks the resin in place.

A second inspection is needed for a pipe lining in Wilmington, North Carolina

Of course, the process is not complete until a second inspection has been done that ensures the viability and correctness of the aforementioned procedure. However, if the second inspection reveals that the liner is in place and the process was successful the stakeholder now has a liner that can last anywhere up to half-a-century before it needs to be replaced.

This method has also been called ‘zero-dig’ – and aptly so because the sewer owner does not have to pay for excavation and the whole process is also considered to be highly environmentally preferable.

The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Co. offers professional pipe lining services

So, if you are a resident of Wilmington, or a business owner or municipal overseer of the sewer system, then turn to Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Co. the next time you have issues with your drain and/or sewer system and the next time you need a pipe lining in Wilmington, North Carolina. We have been in the business for decades and can promise you results that will satisfy your wallet and your sewer system needs.

We are available to you at your convenience and assure you that your satisfaction is our goal. Don’t wait!

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