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Pipe Lining Services in North Carolina

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we work hard to keep the pipelines functioning smoothly for the residents of Wilmington, North Carolina.

About Pipe Lining

We rely on the latest technology to meet our customer's needs. In the past, a broken pipe or drain would usually be cause for new installations that would entail excavation and removal of the old pipes to be replaced with new pipes. Now, technology allows us to offer our customers new options, including pipe lining, to restore the pipes with preferable methods that are far more beneficial and practical than past methods.

Creating a New Pipe

The process of pipe lining involves installing a new pipe within the old, damaged pipe without having to remove it.This is highly advantageous because it cuts out the steps of digging trenches toremove the old pipes and discard them before installing new pipes. Instead, we use single access points to reline the pipes with resins that will rehabilitate the system.

The process begins by cleaning out the current pipes, removing debris and waste buildup to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. Then a felt liner with polyurethane is saturated with an epoxy resin, the liner is inverted withinthe pipe after it is inserted, and expanded with the use of any number of pressure systems. The resin is cured with heat or steam, allowing it to adhere to the diameter of the oldpipe.

Pipe Lining service in Wilmington NC

Of course, the process is not complete until a second inspection has been done that ensures the viability and correctness of the aforementioned procedure. If the second inspection reveals that the liner is in place and the process was successful the stakeholder now has a liner that can last anywhere up to half-a-century before it needs to be replaced. On top of that, our customers don't need to pay for excavation or renovation costs, making it a repair method that is preferable for preserving the environment.

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