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The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company has been a part of the greater Norfolk community for a number of years and we offer high quality pipe repair in Norfolk VA. We are proud to offer service to the Norfolk, Virginia area that has a long and storied history in the state and country. What most people don’t realize is that Norfolk is a leader in the use of advanced technology to repair its commercial, residential and municipal drain and pipe systems. Many of sewer and drainage systems in Norfolk are like many across the United States – a part of an aging infrastructure in need of repair.

Trenchless sewer replacement and pipe repair in Norfolk VA

At one time the only way to deal with pipe repair in Norfolk, Virginia was to estimate where the issue may be emanating from and then bring in heavy excavation equipment to dig up the earth to bring up the pipes. It was hardly an exact science and there was no guarantee that even experts in the industry could pinpoint the trouble with accuracy.

But today’s technology has literally upended the world of pipe repair in Norfolk, Virginia and elsewhere across the country. Now, the process is labeled ‘trenchless sewer replacement’ and it is every bit as it sounds. No longer is there a need to excavate and lay replacement drains and pipes. Instead, ‘cured pipe in place’ is the option most often used.

Cured Pipes in Place are a major benefit

Cured pipes in place are highly advantageous. They are jointless and seamless which means they are less vulnerable to the variety of problems that can occur from the older forms of drains. The concept is a ‘pipe-within-a-pipe’ and it is probably the most popular form of pipe repair in use today. It can be used on literally any type of pipe – from cast iron to clay – and can be made to fit any size and diameter of a pipe or drain. In other words, the method is highly versatile because of its flexibility.

The process of a pipe repair in Norfolk VA

The process begins when a felt tube is pulled through a damaged pipe. The liner is usually inserted at an upstream point of excavation, after which water pressure is used to invert the liner and then an appropriate source of light and/or heat cures the resin to the pipeline. In no time at all – and with very little effort, damaged, leaking and dangerous municipal, commercial and/or residential pipes and drains are now able to operate like new. Moreover, they are able to work for years to come with hardly a concern there will be a problem in the future.

The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company is staffed with professionals who have experience in all aspects pipe repair in Norfolk, Virginia processes. Our employees are competent in the use of the latest technology – such as the CCTV and 3D imaging – to pinpoint where the trouble may lie in the system, and make recommendations for repairs.

But most importantly, we have laid thousands of miles of trenchless drain and pipe liners so we can assure our customers they will receive the most professional pipe repair in Norfolk, Virginia service available in the area. To learn more about the Environmental Pipe Cleaning Company, or to schedule an appointment.

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