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Drain cleaning is one of the many trenchless procedures that Environmental Plumbing Services uses when solving a customer’s concerns about their sewer pipeline system. Trenchless refers to the fact that none of the methods of sewer pipeline inspection, repair, or replacement employed by our company require any digging of your landscape or hardscape.

In decades past, even to simply determine the cause of any symptoms that you might be experiencing, the pipeline had to be dug up. The ditch would run from the side of the building all the way out to the sewerline’s connection with the municipal sewer system lying under the street. This ditch required large machinery and a large work crew. Carefully tended gardens and expensive driveways and sidewalks were demolished in the process. Once the problem was defined and the pipeline repaired or replaced, crews had to be brought in to repair all the outdoor damage. All of this digging and repairing was expensive from the perspectives of both time and finances.

Today, trenchless sewer repairs have changed the look of a sewer pipeline renovations. No digging is required to determine the cause of any symptoms, and no digging is required to repair the issue. Landscapes remain untouched. Time is measured in hours. And our experts proudly offer this method to customers throughout Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sewer Camera Inspection

To begin, a sewer camera inspection is performed. The camera inspection involves inserting a waterproof, robotic camera attached to a fiber optic cable into the sewer pipeline. This camera can be moved through the entire length of the pipeline and is able to send video feedback to our technician on the surface. Our team member will discuss with you what is discovered and the most time and cost efficient way to fix the issue you have been experiencing.

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Raleigh, NC Drain Cleaning

Very often, a drain cleaning is advised. This drain cleaning is also called hydro jetting. It involves the use of highly pressurized water, a flexible hose, and a multi-directional water jetting nozzle. This nozzle can be fed into the pipeline and the high-pressure water both scours clean the inside of the pipeline and rinses any collected debris away. The water is strong enough to burst apart even root balls that sometimes invade via a pipe crack and grow into a complete pipeline obstruction.

After a hydro jetting is performed, another camera inspection is often made. Tiny cracks can be camouflaged by debris in the pipeline and the second inspection can often catch a small, previously hidden crack before it becomes a larger crack at a later date.

Repairing Your Pipes

When a crack is detected it is easily fixed using a pipe lining process. An inflatable liner, coated with an epoxy resin, is inserted into the pipeline. The liner is inflated, holding the resin against the pipeline wall and successfully covering the crack. After allowing a few hours for the resin to harden into place, the liner is deflated and removed. A durable, new interior sewer pipeline wall is left.

Environmental Plumbing Services recommends that every building be placed on a sewer pipeline maintenance inspection schedule. Once maintenance inspections are planned and performed, issues within an aging sewer pipeline can be detected before the symptoms begin to impact a business or household. Our expert and dedicated team is in your Raleigh area. Let us help you with any sewer pipeline concerns. Call us now for a consultation.

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