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At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly sewer and drain services in the Washington DC area. Whether you are looking to repair your residential, commercial, industrial or municipal pipes, Environmental Pipe Cleaning has an affordable and effective option for your situation. Look over our list of most popular sewer and drain services below, to discover the solution that’s right for you.

Sewer Cleaning Inspection Repair North Carolina

Drain Inspection

Inspecting your drains is the first step to uncovering the root of any piping problems. Often, drains can display similar symptoms such as clogging, leaks, low water pressure or sewage backup, but the cause of the problem is completely different. The only way to truly understand what is going on in your pipes, is to get a look inside them. Our team use a high-resolution CCTV camera system that allows our technicians to capture a a real-time look at the insides of your pipe. The camera is simply inserted into the pipes through a single access point and operated remotely to move through the pipes and detail an accurate view of the piping situation. Footage is then captured and analyzed by our specialists, while a copy is given to the customer so they can have a full understanding of their piping situation as well.

Professional Drain leaning Services

Hydro jetting is one of our most effective and versatile forms of drain cleaning. If a drain inspection determines your pipe has a build up of debris, grease clogs or tree roots infiltration, hydro jetting is an excellent way to clean out your pipeline. Our specialists will first insert a hose with a nozzle attached into your pipe through an access point, often the same one used for the CCTV inspection. A blast of high-pressurized water is sent through the drain and clears out the underlying cause of the problem. Even if your pipes seem to be in working condition, it is wise to call for a regularly scheduled hydro jetting service to maintain your drain’s health, especially if your pipes are getting older or you live in an area with inclement weather.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pipe excavation, Cured in place pipe lining (CIPP) is a method of trenchless pipe repair. CIPP lining essentially creates a new pipe within your existing pipe, that extends your pipe life by decades and can be performed in less than a day with no damage to your landscape. After identifying a small access point, the Environmental Pipe Cleaning team will insert a liner filled with an epoxy resin into your cracked or corroding pipes. This liner is left to harden, and within a few hours a brand new pipe is created inside your existing pipe.

Pipe Replacement

If your pipe is broken, dislodged or corroded beyond repair, Pipe Bursting is a perfect solution for replacing your pipe without destroying your landscape. Traditional excavation methods require digging up your lawn to take out your old pipe and replace it with the new. This is not only expensive and time consuming, but also brings toxins such as asbestos and mold to the surface. With Pipe Bursting, a new pipe is pushed through your existing pipe with a bursting head, causing your old pipe to break and be pushed into the earth. The result is a brand new pipe without the landscape damage.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of drain problems in the Washington DC area, or simply want to maintain your pipe’s health with a drain cleaning, contact our team to learn more about our affordable and eco-friendly drain and sewer solutions.

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