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Sewer Camera Inspection Durham, NC

Durham NC Sewer Camera Inspection service

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in North Carolina

The residents of Durham, North Carolina have been partners with the Environmental Pipe Cleaning for several decades. We have worked very hard to build the trust and respect of the residents of the city with our sewer camera inspection services in Durham and more.

What is a sewer camera inspection in Durham, North Carolina?

When the stakeholder of a sewer or drain system suspects they have a potential problem – it is never a bad idea to call for a sewer camera inspection. This is a fairly straightforward type of inspection – with the simplest being a visual once-over of the parts that can be seen.

But a camera inspection involves placing miniature cameras on a device that is sent through the pipes taking continuous closed camera television shots that are sent directly to the inspector who can then assess the condition of the pipes and drains based on the pictures provided.

Our sewer camera inspections are thorough and comprehensive

Camera inspections are a much more thorough and comprehensive way to view the inside of the pipes because no digging is needed. At the same time, an inspection includes a determination of whether there are any flaws in the pipes and drains either – and this can be better decided with real-time pictures as well.

Sewer Camera Inspection In Durham NC

What happens next?

Well, as the reader might expect, once a sewer camera inspection in Durham is completed then our experts will decide if any damage exists and to what extent – and then make a series of recommendations to address the problems. For example, the inspector may decide that the sewer system is too old to continue to function correctly. Then one of the choices may be to perform a pipe lining service that will basically put a pipe-in-a-pipe.

In other words, a sleeve-like material is dropped into one end of the sewer and pulled through, then high powered water pressure follows that turns the lining inside out – preparing it to be cured when it will be attached to the outer pipe seamlessly – and become the new flow system for the sewer.

We can provide you with a professional sewer camera inspection in Durham, North Carolina

Our company has been in business for several decades now, and have become known for our commitment to quality and service to our customers. Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with all aspects of the job we perform for you – and we will return time and again to ensure you get the work you were expecting. We are expert in pipe cleaning, inspections, installation and excavation, pipe lining, and more. We have also worked with customers in the residential, commercial and municipal sectors so we understand the needs of each type of customer.

We invite you to contact us at your convenience to learn more about a sewer camera inspection. We are always happy to help a prospective North Carolina customer!

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