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The Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Company has been proudly serving the greater Rockville, Maryland area for several decades and offers high quality sewer line replacement Rockville, Maryland. We also offer a full array of services including everything from pipe cleaning to inspections, and liner installation to sewer line replacement when necessary.

Sewer line replacement Rockville, Maryland is eventually necessary

No matter how often a line is inspected – and what steps are taken to maintain a sewer line system – on occasion there is no way around it. The sewer line will need replacement. And this is not just for homeowners but for commercial and municipal properties as well. However, for the purposes of this article our focus will be on replacing the sewer lines in a residence. This is a task with which our company is quite familiar and has developed an expertise which allows us to be of exceptional support to the homeowner.

Learning about sewer line replacement

There are a number of tasks that a homeowner can perform to keep their drain lines working at optimal performance and reduce the need for sewer line replacement Rockville, Maryland. Simple things like never throwing grease or other products that are not biodegradable down the drain can prolong the life of your sewer lines for years. However, there may actually come a time when you have no choice but to replace the sewer lines and when that happens the first thing you should do is contact a licensed professional. There are some jobs that are beyond the scope of the most adept handyman – and this is one of them!

Your options

Homeowners should know that the tried and true method of digging up the sewer lines and replacing them remain an option. This is usually done with a backhoe and the ground is excavated – uncovering the pipes underneath which are then replaced with new ones. The dirt is then returned and landscaping done to make it appear as if nothing had ever occurred.

However, today, it is more common to opt for the trenchless repair method. This involves drilling small access holes into the area where it has been determined that the damaged pipe exists and then actually pulling a new pipe through the old one causing the latter to burst and leaving the new pipe in its place. Many homeowners find this preferable because of the minimal amount of excavation required to complete the job. Although it is obvious that both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Environmental Pipe Cleaning Service Co.

Our company has been in business for several decades and has worked with members of the Rockville, Maryland community proudly and efficiently since we opened our doors and began offering sewer line replacement Rockville, Maryland. Its population of 61,000 people have come to know and trust us for all their sewer line replacement needs. We hope that you will contact us if you find yourself faced with a sewer line problem. Our experts are available to speak with you by phone or email at your convenience.

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