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Sewer Cleaning, Inspection & Repair Services in North Carolina

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we offer professional and courteous sewer cleaning, inspection, and repair services in North Carolina. We have worked side by side with our customers in the region for decades to attend to all their sewer cleaning, inspection, and repair service problems.

About our sewer cleaning, inspection and repair services

Drain inspection is an essential part of caring for residential, commercial or municipal drain and pipe systems. That is because there are miles of pipelines underneath the streets that are responsible for getting fresh water to customers and taking wastewater away every day. Unfortunately, these pipes and drains are in need of repair and replacement, but the only way to determine what is necessary is to first perform an inspection.

Inspections are simpler thanks to the latest technology

Sewer cleaning, inspection, and repair services in North Carolina are much simpler tasks today thanks to the world of technology. Environmental Pipe Cleaning and other businesses turn to CCTV cameras that are strapped onto the backs of tiny rovers that traverse the pipe or sewer system – sending back images of the inside of the pipeline non-stop.

Sewer Cleaning Inspection Repair North Carolina

This is a breakthrough in technology that has changed how stakeholders in the pipe and sewer system process are able to make decisions. Images from this and other forms of technology help to pinpoint current and potential problems, which lays the foundation for decision making on how to address these challenges.

The old way of doing things – digging up pipes using backhoes that would scar the earth and leave homeowners, business owners and city officials at their wit’s end – has almost gone the way of the dinosaur with this new technology. And inspections are not the only place it’s found!

Get high-quality sewer cleanings, inspections, and repair services in with Environmental Pipe Cleaning

It is essential to a sewer system that its pipes are as pristine as possible to maximize the flow that runs back and forth between the pipes and their destination. Sewer pipes that have sludge and dirt buildup or other types of problems are going to cause a problem for customers and may eventually deconstruct. Our regular sewer cleaning, inspection, and repair services in North Carolina are vital in keeping your pipes clean and clear for decades, and the most common technology used in this is jet stream water. High powered water spray is hooked up to nozzles that target problem areas.

Hire our sewer cleaning, inspection, and repair service in North Carolina today

Finally, if you have a sewer or drain that is in need of repair – do not hesitate to give us a call. We are trained in the multiple repair options including installation to trenchless sewer replacement and more. Whatever options you face – Environmental Pipe Cleaning is here to meet your needs and ensure that you always have access to our sewer cleaning, inspection, and repair service in North Carolina. We perform all services related to pipe and drain work. This includes inspections, repairs, and installations, and we make sure that you are satisfied with our work.

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