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When the sewer line your Washington becomes broken, it can cause a lot of harm to the home, your properties, as well as to the health of those living in the home. A few months ago, a case of sewage backup and wastewater spill was experienced in some Washington communities. It was reported that millions of gallons of raw sewage and untreated poured into some Washington streets. Access was later restricted by community authorities to get the sewage cleaned up and make necessary repairs.

Further investigation into the cause of the spill later showed that it occurred as a result of the negligence of residents towards their sewer line. When the pipes began to leak initially, they thought it was a minor issue and failed to check it out. Unluckily, the leak worsened, messing up the entire community. The entire streets were flooded with sewage and wastewater. This is not good for the health of the residents and the environment at large.

Signs of Sewer Issues

Major sewage disasters do not just occur. There are certain obvious signs that are likely to occur when the sewer issue is still at the minor stage. Some of the ways through with you can know that you have sewer issues in your Washington home include:

- Wastewater spill.
- Sewage backup.
- Bad, pungent odor or sewage smell all over your home.
- Waterlogged basement.
- Slow drains from bathtubs.
- Sewage pool in your yard.
- Gurgling sound from drain pipes and toilets.

On noticing any of the above signs, the right thing to do is to hire a sewer repair expert to check out your sewer line. This makes it possible for necessary repairs to be made before escalating into a big issue.

You Need Professional Sewer Repair Services

Emergency sewer issues can make life uncomfortable for you. Having a clogged drains, broken sewer, leaking pipes in your home is not a good way to go. Once you notice any of the signs mentioned above, do not hesitate to call us at Environmental Pipe Cleaning Inc. We are your certified, expert sewer repair company in Washington. We are always ready to inspect, clean, and provide necessary repair service.

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Are you in need of professional sewer line repairs in your Washington home? In case you are in search of a dependable company that offers top notch sewer line repair services, Environmental Pipe Cleaning Inc. is the perfect fit to get it done. We are a top rated plumbing company that provides sewer repair services to homes and businesses in the Washington area.

At Environmental Pipe Cleaning Inc., we work with a team of expert plumbers and sewer repair professionals that are always ready to offer you first class sewer inspection, sewer repairs, sewer cleaning, and maintenance services.

Our experts are the best to repair or rehabilitate your entire pipeline system. We are capable of repairing all damaged Sanitary Sewers, Process sewers, and storm water pipes. We have gained a reputation for the outstanding services we provided for various homes and businesses in the Washington community.

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