Henrico Virginia Trenchless Pipe Lining service

Sewer and Drain Replacement in Washington, DC

Plumbing systems are essential for nearly every home and business in Washington DC. Residential and commercial property owners may not even pay their system any mind until something breaks down. However, the good thing is that there’s an alternative to traditional drain and sewer pipe replacement in Washington, DC. At Environmental Pipe, we bring you a no-dig solution that allows you to get back to daily operations with as little disruption as possible.

Trenchless Pipe Lining In Henrico Virginia

Trenchless Sewer and Drain Replacement Services in Washington DC

Our technicians are trained to use innovative techniques that cut back on costs and the time needed to complete the repair. Trenchless processes are an excellent replacement service that don’t disturb your landscape, flooring, yard, gardens, and other infrastructure, thereby saving you on landscaping costs and invaluable time.

Our trained technicians outfit a small, HD camera to show where it’s going and where the channels are. The contraption is equipped to capture images and video so that we can share our findings with you from the very beginning. From there, our technicians will be able to determine the exact source, location, depth, and materials so that we can recommend the best course of action. Depending on the plumbing issue, we may recommend drain cleaning via hydro jetting, trenchless repair, or replacement. The hydro jetting procedure clears the insides of your pipes of accumulated matter and calcified debris while preparing it for the lining or pipe bursting process.

The inspection will reveal if the source of the problem is a leak, crack, hole, collapse, or root-invaded plumbing. You may be experiencing recurring issues from poorly supported pipes, natural shifting, or corrosion due to age. Trenchless replacement is better than traditional methods as there’s zero digging required and the process won’t damage your lawn, yard, garden, or flooring.

Our trenchless solutions typically include the pipe lining and the pipe bursting process. Pipe replacement can be completed in as little as a day so there’s no massive disruption of both time and daily activity. The new pipe material is seamless, jointless and does not have the weakness of older pipes. Moreover, it doesn’t suffer from common pipe problems such as cracking, root intrusion, clogs and corrosion. The new HDPE material is expected to last 50 years or more.

Sewer and drain replacement will solve your existing plumbing problem and improve its efficiency and flow at the same time. You can also opt for an upgraded pipe with a bigger diameter to allow for increased capacity. Everything is done above ground and the replacement can be completed in just a few hours.

Environmental Pipe Drain Inspection and Sewer Line Maintenance

Property owners in Washington DC must keep an eye out on the state of their plumbing and act when they notice symptoms such as slow working drains, poor water pressure, strange odors coming from the drains, and wet patches on the ground. Instead of waiting for an emergency to happen, you can call Environmental Pipe and get the problem fixed while it’s still manageable. Property owners can prevent disasters by opting for a no-dig solution via trenchless technology. Moreover, you can save invaluable time and money when you call us for help. We can restore your pipes to good working order and help keep them running efficiently for years.