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IOften, sewer line drain cleaning is not considered by homeowners or business owners until unpleasant symptoms occur. At this point the problems need to be resolved quickly and scheduling the repair can impact the day-to-day flow of the business or the home.

Once sewer line symptoms occur, the cause must be discovered. The signs will only grow more pronounced and disagreeable. That means scheduling an inspection as soon as possible is Washington, DC home and business owners’ best interest. Environmental Plumbing Services is available after hours and on weekends to help you solve your sewer pipeline issues as quickly as possible.

Drain Cracks and Breaks

When storm drains that are embedded into the façade of a building develop a crack or break, the water usually works its way through the path of least resistance, which is generally through the interior wooden framing and drywall. The storm drains can fail due to the age and type of material used for the drain system, and debris can build up and block the storm water flow.

Once water begins to seep through a crack into the interior of a building, a great deal of destruction can occur before the first puddle is seen inside an apartment or inside a business office. Damp or soaked wooden framing is able to support the growth of mold spores which can have dangerous

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Drain Inspection

During our appointment, the first step is to see inside the pipeline and identify just what is occurring. To do this, our technician will perform a sewer camera inspection. This inspection involves using a small waterproof, robotic camera to travel the interior of the sewer pipeline. The camera is attached to a video feedback cable, which relays everything the camera sees to our technician at the surface. Our team member will review with you what is discovered and recommend the most time- and cost-effective course of action.

Washington, D.C. Drain Cleaning

When corrosion or clogs inside the pipeline are discovered, a hydro jetting service is usually recommended. Corrosion is a build up of minerals from the water which bind to the interior wall of the sewer pipeline. This is a natural occurrence over time. The binding minerals form a rough wall surface that allows other materials to gather and create snags that slow or even back up the water flow.

The hydro jetting process uses highly pressurized water and a multi-directional water jetting nozzle to scrub and scour the interior of the pipeline wall to create a clean and smooth surface. This allows the water to flow quickly again and can also reveal small, previously hidden cracks.

Pipeline Repair

Should a crack be discovered, a pipeline repair can be completed from within the pipeline. Under these circumstances, a liner coated with a resin is inserted into the pipeline and positioned to cover the crack. The liner is inflated, which holds the resin against the pipeline interior as the material hardens and adheres to the wall. In a few hours, when the curing process is complete, the liner is deflated and removed, leaving behind a durable, new interior pipeline wall.

Environmental Plumbing Services recommends a maintenance drain cleaning schedule for industrial, residential, and business pipeline systems. During these planned appointments our technicians will conduct a preliminary camera inspection of your sewer pipeline. A hydro jetting can be performed if necessary and then a future maintenance schedule will be recommended. Staying on a recommended maintenance plan will allow inspections to be performed at the most optimal time for the business or home and avoid the costly fixes of unchecked pipeline problems. The appointment can be made with attention spent on when would be the least disruptive time to schedule. Conversely, when symptoms have already appeared, the appointment timing is governed by the severity of the issues noticed.

Environmental Plumbing Services works throughout the Washington D.C. area. Our dedicated and experienced team is waiting to help with any sewer drainpipe issues or with setting up a drain cleaning maintenance schedule for your building. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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