The Sewer Line Repair Industry, also known as trenchless sewer repair, is becoming more popular among homeowners in Henrico County, VA.  The days of invasive digging are long gone.  The word is out. The old plumbing methods which were used to dig up your property are becoming extinct as homeowners are aware of the trenchless, no dig, solution.  Nobody wants to dig up their property if they don’t have to.

In Richmond, both commercial and residential properties are using trenchless sewer line repair to solve the problem in their sewer.  They have broken or cracked pipes which are either clay or cast iron and have corroded over time making them lose their strength and durability.  Environmental Pipe will replace the old pipes with the new CIPP, which will save you time and money in the long run.  The CIPP, known as cured-in-place pipe, is made to last a lifetime.  Once, you have lined your pipes with CIPP, you will not need to repair your sewer every 10 years.  It is simply the only solution to truly get your house or property up to your standards. 

Our contractors will diagnose your sewer with a camera inspection, which will allow the technician to see what is going on in your sewer. Once we have found the problem, we can then give an estimate which may surprise you, in a good way.  Sewer Line Repair is not only cost effective, but has a lifetime guarantee.  Our technicians can get the job done within a day or 2 depending on how big the job.  If you are interested in saving both time and money and need your sewer repaired, please call Environmental Pipe today, 804-644-2288.