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Fractured Pipe Repair

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Our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning is always here to make sure that you never have to suffer through pipe problems. A fractured pipe is one of those small things that can cause a lot of damage, especially if it is located within a wall or other interior structure. Even a pinhole leak can bring on mold, deterioration, or other such damage. This is why repairing a fractured pipe in a timely manner is of utmost importance.

Detecting a Fractured Pipe

Sometimes a break in a pipe is easily determined. Visible standing water may accumulate beneath cabinets, pool up from tiles, or leak out beneath baseboards. Sometimes a dripping is heard inside the walls or there’s a noticeable lack of water pressure. In all those cases a broken pipe is a logical conclusion. However, sometimes fractured pipes are more quiet and subtle. A pinhole leak near the foundation can go undetected, slowly seep water into insulation or beneath carpets, then grow mold over time. To find fractured pipes that are hidden from the eye, our team of professionals uses state of the art inspection equipment including audio listening devices, flexible cameras, and infrared thermography, depending upon what the situation calls for. By pinpointing the fracture with the highest level of accuracy, a repair can be done easily and with minimal extra damage to the surrounding structures.

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How to Repair a Fractured Pipe

Fractured pipes cannot be left unattended—a fix needs to be implemented immediately. After determining the extent of the damage, our professional team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning will create a free estimate which includes the solution that best fits the individual situation. For example, pipe lining is often the easiest method of repair since it can be done through a single entry point. Many fractured pipes can be lined with a tough epoxy layer that extends the life and longevity of the pipes without having to entirely replace them. Fractures are sealed from the inside for no more dripping and leaking. And because the layer of epoxy is thin, water continues to flow freely through the pipeline without hindrance. For other more complex fractures and breaks, a complete replacement may be necessary. Rest assured that our team will determine the fix that causes the least amount of inconvenience.

Maintain Your Pipes with Environmental Pipe Cleaning

After a pipe is fixed, it can be treated like any of the other plumbing systems on the property. That is to say, though we stand behind our work and our customers can be assured of the quality of our repair, all pipes should be professionally cleaned and inspected on a regular schedule. Professional maintenance is good way to keep up with any other issues that may arise, especial those quiet fractures that may be causing silent damage. A repaired pipe should cause no sense of worry or apprehension for the property owner; all materials and labor can be counted on for years to come. But after experiencing one fracture, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the maintenance of the plumbing system as a whole in order to be proactive. Give us a call whenever you suspect a pipe fracture, and we’ll make sure the integrity of your system is in working order as soon as possible.


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