When we were contacted by this apartment complex here is Richmond, they were having serious problems with their mainline. It was falling apart and not working properly, as a matter of fact it started causing back ups and the property management had to do something. According to the management they received a bid for $30,000 to repair the faulty sewer line. When Environmental got on the scene we immediately ran our sewer cameras and conducted a full sewer inspection. With sewer video cameras you can actually see down inside the pipe to better diagnose the problems. This way you can give a spot on estimate for repair.

After our initial inspection we were able to come in for half of the $30,000 for repair. The management approved our estimate and in less than a week’s time we were able to not only fully repair all the problems but we rehabilitated the sewer line back to a better than brand new condition. If you would like to learn more about Environmental Pile Repair and our ‘trenchless‘ technology to see if it can save you thousands of dollars then give us a call today, at 804.644.6288