If you are a homeowner, there is a high likelihood that you will face minor to major sewer drain issues at least once in your life. Sewer drain problems can really be a pain to deal with and not something that you should go at alone. These messy issues should only be dealt with by a sewer drain specialist. Today we are going to learn some signs that you might be facing sewer related issues.

5 Signs You May Need Drain Cleaning

1. Slow sink drains: If your sinks are very slow to drain, you just might benefit from a drain pipe cleaning. Slow drains are a sign of sewer drain blockages. These clogs form very slowly but when they get large enough, they can cause serious issues inside your home. A professional drain cleaning will be needed to remove these blockages and restore your system back to normal.

2. Toilets that backup: If the toilets inside your home backup or overflow when you flush them, you are going to need some serious help. This is another sign of a blockage and a very messy one. Toilets that spill waste water into your bathroom can cause serious water damage. This damage could become costly and even attract harmful mold. So if you have overflowing toilets, seek professional help as soon as possible.

3. Water on your lawn: If you notice a puddle of water appear and it has not rained, chances are you have a leaking drain line. This can be caused by a clog, and your drain will need to be professionally evaluated and cleaned.

4. Foul odors: If you smell something really bad coming out of your sink drains, you just might have a blockage. Even before you notice slow drains, a foul odor will appear and can really make your home smell awful. In order to prevent this odor from ruining the mood inside of your home, you will need to have your drains cleaned. Just one quick call to a professional drain cleaning service will help eliminate the odor and make your sewer system work like brand new again.

5. Trees growing near your sewer drain line: If you have large trees growing near your sewer drain line, it might be time to get those drains cleaned. Over the years, tree roots can invade sewer drain lines and cause them major damage. Roots are a number one cause of blockages and can really slow your sewer system down. If left untreated, roots can damage the walls of your drain and cause raw sewage to leak into the ground. This can have major repercussions and you just might end up paying a huge fine. So if you suspect tree roots have found their way inside your sewer drain, why not do something to have them removed? One visit by a certified sewer company and those roots can be blasted away using hydro jet technology. This will leave your drain lines clean, and they will return to normal operation giving you many more years of service.