Video pipe inspection has become one of the fastest and most effective ways to inspect a pipe problem and solve it. Petersburg, VA video pipe inspection uses the latest technology to find the specific source of the pipe problem whether it is a crack, clog, damage, corrosion or other issue. The technology is used by repair companies and service professionals and it allows for real time inspection of a pipe system.

A fiber optic cable with a high resolution camera attached is sent down the pipe

The technology works by attaching a high resolution camera to a fiber optic cable, and the cable is pushed down the pipe to the source of the problem. The camera sends real time video which is used to pinpoint the specific location of the problem, and the video can be recorded if necessary and stored for later. The fiber optic cable can extend for several yards down a pipe or drain as needed, and the video feed is very high quality and detailed so that problems can be spotted immediately. The technology has advanced in recent years and the cameras are more powerful than ever.

A pipe inspection can catch other problem

Another main benefit of Petersburg, VA video pipe inspection is the fact that it can catch other problems with the pipe such as areas that are starting to crack, leaks, and other problems. These problems can be repaired and dealt with before they become major issues, and this can potentially save thousands of dollars. It is also a good idea to inspect pipes that are older or have gone for a long time without an inspection, especially if there are problems like slow drains or clogs.

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