New and improved trenchless methods are the most effective ways to replace industrial pipes. Environmental Pipe Cleaning relies on pipe bursting because it’s safe, environmentally-friendly, and requires little to no downtime following the pipe replacement. Trenchless methodologies cut out unnecessary digging and excavation. Instead, trenchless pipe bursting is a faster and safe approach for replacing pipes.

1. Pipe Bursting Is Safe

Pipe bursting doesn’t require strenuous excavation and digging. This makes it much safer than traditional methods. Trenchless pipe bursting accesses pipes through manholes or access areas in the pipeline. Technicians replace the old pipe with a durable one without putting themselves in harm’s way. There’s no need for heavy and dangerous excavation equipment, so it’s a very safe approach.

2. Pipe Bursting Is Environmentally-Friendly

Trenchless pipe bursting ruptures old pipes and slides in replacement ones. Its lack of excavation makes it an environmentally-friendly repair. Instead of ripping apart your lawn and disrupting the environment, technicians enter your pipeline through entry points. They use bursting heads to push away damaged pipes and fit in a new, more durable one. It doesn’t require toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Trenchless pipe bursting is safe for humans and safe for Mother Earth.

3. Pipe Bursting Requires Little Downtime

Traditional pipe replacement requires channels and a lengthy cleanup. None of this is needed during trenchless pipe bursting. The entire process is quick with minimal downtime. As soon as the technician gets your new High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe inserted, the project is done. All that’s left is cleaning up the few tools your technician used. There is no need to worry about a lengthy project when you choose trenchless pipe bursting to repair your industrial pipes.

Replace Your Industrial Pipes

If your industrial pipes aren’t working as well as they should, trenchless pipe bursting methods can help. Environmental Pipe Cleaning provides fast, safe, and effective pipe bursting for industrial pipe replacement. Trenchless piping makes plumbing repairs easier and quicker than ever before. Contact our team to learn more about how pipe bursting can fix your piping problems.