A Leak surfaced between two buildings beside an electrical transformer. Contractors and county utilities dept used Water logs and specialized leak detection equipment to look for the leak but nothing was found as a source for the leak.

Solution: EPC was called out. The crew dug down at the location of the original leak. Found the water coming out of a 4″ electrical conduit pipe. Flushed debris out and then They sent a camera into the conduit pipe and found where water was entering the breached conduit about 100 feet away uphill of the original leak. The crew dug a second hole only to find that the water leaking into the conduit was actually leaking out of a second conduit. They sent the camera up into the second conduit uphill further about 200 feet away and found where the water was entering that second conduit. The crew dug down at that spot and found water surfacing from the ground. This final location was at the end of an outparcel building with multiple tenants. After inspecting all the sewer lines and water lines at this outparcel building it was discovered using dye testing methods that the source was a perforated grease trap. Crews replaced the faulty device and the leak issue was solved.

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