Why You Should Never Use DIY Methods of Drain Cleaning

April 8, 2019 in Drain Cleaning, General Information

With so many options for DIY drain cleaning available at the local big box store, it’s easy to believe that those are the best options. After all, they’re quick and cheap, right? Well, when it comes to the health of your plumbing, the quickest and cheapest solution may not be what’s best in the long run.

Harmful Chemicals – A popular DIY solution for drain clogs is often as simple as pouring a heavy dose of harsh chemicals down the sink, tub, and shower drains. And though these chemicals are often effective at breaking up organic matter that may be building up, an all-in-one solution is rarely the best solution. Such extreme methods are usually not necessary, when a more gentle solution is available. Harsh DIY chemicals present hazards to human users as well as the environment as a whole, and they may end up causing deterioration to the interior of pipes as well.  

Manual Cleaning – Manual DIY cleaning methods may include removing traps or using snaking tools. While these drain cleaning solutions can prove to be gentle and effective for trained professionals, many property owners end up actually inflicting more damage to their plumbing in the process. Improperly used tools can cause fractures in the pipe system that end up requiring costly repairs. It’s better to leave trap removal and snaking to a trained and licensed plumber.

Solutions – At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we’re equipped to handle all types of drain cleaning jobs. Scheduling one of our crew members to come out for regular drain cleaning is a great way to improve the function and extend the life of your plumbing system. Residential properties benefit from yearly cleaning, while commercial customers may require monthly maintenance for grease traps. No matter what, regular professional drain cleaning is the most gentle, effective, and environmentally friendly way to go. We do the work quickly and save you the hassle of DIY solutions!  

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What is the best technology to clean Sewer and Drain Pipes in Washington, DC?

March 30, 2017 in General Information

In terms of the plumbing problems that you can face in Washington, DC, a choked or blocked sewer or drain pipe is among the worst. This problem is very common for both residential and commercial properties in Washington, DC. As the owner of a property, it is crucial that you be aware of the best option that is available for dealing with this problem. Due to the latest advances in plumbing technology, cleaning your sewer and drain pipes in Washington, DC is now quicker, cheaper and more efficient than ever.

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What Washington Property Owners Should Know About Plumbing Regulations

December 3, 2016 in General Information

Taking care of a home properly is not always as simple as some people may envision, especially when they purchase their first piece of property. Once the papers are signed and the property has been turned over, the owner will have a vast amount of information that they will need to learn to remain in compliance with the laws, rules and guidelines that govern property ownership. In fact, there are specific legislation that applies to Washington Property Owners, as it relates to topics like plumbing regulations. That said, here’s some key information that these property owners should become familiar with before they start any kind of large or complicated plumbing project.

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Video Camera Sewer Pipe Inspection Washington DC – Environmental Pipe

June 12, 2015 in General Information

The video camera inspection is a common tool plumbers use in Washington DC. Environmental Pipe has licensed professionals that are fully equipped with these special waterproof cameras. Depending on the size of the pipe, there are different cameras that can video according to the measurement of the pipe. Realtors sometimes call when they are trying to sell a house. They need to obtain a routine sewer inspection and determine the condition of the pipes. The contractors will then give a cd or usb of the inspection so the seller and buyer are aware of what is going on underground with the connecting pipes. We here at Environmental Pipe offer pipe video inspection services.

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Washington DC Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

June 12, 2015 in General Information

Here at Environmental Pipe we offer the latest technology in trenchless pipe rehabilitation for all customers both residential and commercial repair jobs. We specialize in Government, Municipal, Industrial and Large Commercial waste pipe line repairs, pipe replacements, pipe cleaning and CCTV pipe inspections. Our resume is extensive and the list of our Government work is industry leading. We are approved to do all types of work in the greater DC area and have been performing all types of repairs for over 15 years.

Our nation’s underground infrastructure is vital, and our nation’s capitol is no different. The shear amount of pipeline inspections and rehabilitation for all kinds of repairs here in DC is astounding. There is much to repair and here at Environmental Pipe we are committed to helping to protect the environment. Through repair and proper waste water removal we are licensed and fully insured to remedy and critical underground situation. We offer the latest in trenchless technologies along with camera inspection, pipe locators, pipe bursting, CIPP and vac trucks for waste remediation.

If you have a job or need any kind of underground pipe inspection in the greater DC area then give us a call and speak with one of our experienced technicians. We can handle just about any situation.

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