Here at Environmental Pipe we offer the latest technology in trenchless pipe rehabilitation for all customers both residential and commercial repair jobs. We specialize in Government, Municipal, Industrial and Large Commercial waste pipe line repairs, pipe replacements, pipe cleaning and CCTV pipe inspections. Our resume is extensive and the list of our Government work is industry leading. We are approved to do all types of work in the greater DC area and have been performing all types of repairs for over 15 years.

Our nation’s underground infrastructure is vital, and our nation’s capitol is no different. The shear amount of pipeline inspections and rehabilitation for all kinds of repairs here in DC is astounding. There is much to repair and here at Environmental Pipe we are committed to helping to protect the environment. Through repair and proper waste water removal we are licensed and fully insured to remedy and critical underground situation. We offer the latest in trenchless technologies along with camera inspection, pipe locators, pipe bursting, CIPP and vac trucks for waste remediation.

If you have a job or need any kind of underground pipe inspection in the greater DC area then give us a call and speak with one of our experienced technicians. We can handle just about any situation.