The video camera inspection is a common tool plumbers use in Washington DC. Environmental Pipe has licensed professionals that are fully equipped with these special waterproof cameras. Depending on the size of the pipe, there are different cameras that can video according to the measurement of the pipe. Realtors sometimes call when they are trying to sell a house. They need to obtain a routine sewer inspection and determine the condition of the pipes. The contractors will then give a cd or usb of the inspection so the seller and buyer are aware of what is going on underground with the connecting pipes. We here at Environmental Pipe offer pipe video inspection services.

In commercial jobs, it is even more common to determine the current state of the pipes. Like in a hospital or hotel. If your pipes are not in working condition, you are going to have to repair them. These cameras are designed to perform the toughest jobs. With the mounting swivel technology it makes it efficient for larger diameter pipe jobs. The video inspection will give the contractor a detailed look at the interior of the pipe, and therefore help find any problems in the pipes.

Pipes can range from 2 – 96” in diameter. This visual inspection is extremely important in determining whether the pipe is broken, cracked, punctured, or fractured. The sooner you know what is wrong with your sewer, the better off you will be in the long run. You don’t want to put it off and establish more problems do you? Environmental Pipe can camera your pipes today and prevent any further damage to your line.