Why You Should Line Your Industrial Pipes

February 27, 2019 in News

Due to the high demand and stress place on industrial pipes every day, it is very important to maintain them and repair them when they are experiencing issues. Taking the time to restore your industrial pipes can save you time and money. If your industrial property is experiencing sewer and drain problems, business operations can come to a screeching halt. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we service industrial facilities including manufacturing, distribution or refrigeration buildings, storage facilities, and data hosting or telecommunication centers. No matter what type of industrial property you have, we will always take care of your plumbing needs, so you never experience downtime due to pesky plumbing issues.

The Lining Process

One the most affordable, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting solutions to pipe repair is trenchless pipe lining also known as cured-in-place pipe. Trenchless pipe lining is a method of fixing and restoring your pipes that pushes a felt liner saturated with epozy resin through your damaged pipe to seal all imperfections. The liner is left in place to harden for 60 minutes to a couple hours if heat is used. Once the pipe has cured we will take a robotic cutter and insert it into your freshly lined pipe to reinstate lateral connections.  There are many benefits to trenchless pipe lining including, but not limited to the following:

It reduces downtime.

Since you the trenchless pipe lining process can be completed through a single access point, it reduces the downtime that is normally associated with sewer and drain repair. Our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning uses special waterproof cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment to take a real-time glimpse of the state of your plumbing and sewer lines and to make sure your pipes are properly rehabilitated and ready to use when our job is complete.

It reduces the risk of future problems.

Lining industrial pipes can reduce repair time and minimize the risk of having an array of plumbing problems. Industrial CIPP liners are rated to last several decades which means that it prevents future pipe problems from occurring. The liner or “new pipe” formed inside of your existing one is extremely strong and lengthens the lifespan of your pipes. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we use the liners to support the existing structure of the pipe and allows for the undamaged part of the pipe to still be used.

It reduces maintenance costs.

Because CIPP liners can handle high temperature flows and are resistant to almost any chemical used in process sewers and require little to no excavation, this allow for quick and inexpensive repairs. Their strength also reduces problems from happening in the first place. Choosing these liners reduce plumbing problems and keeps your industrial facility functioning at its best potential throughout the year.

Choose Lining Services Today

Lining industrial pipes is a wise investment. It helps to reduce plumbing problems and shorten the time needed for repairs.  Because they are part of a trenchless process, the investment time and cost are less than traditional methods. Supporting and reusing parts of the original pipes helps to keep industrial property in tact while utilizing your systems full potential. Contact our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning today for more information about how we can best restore your industrial sewer and drain pipes. 

How Does Environmental Pipe Clean Your Drains?

February 1, 2019 in News

Routine pipe cleaning is a key part in maintaining your property. Environmental Pipe Cleaning uses advanced technology and expertise to clean your drains efficiently, and in a way that is safe for your pipes and the environment. Here are some of the reasons why our drain cleaning method stands out:

Hydro Jetting

Our trenchless service of hydro jetting is the ultimate way to restore your pipes and clear your drains of any debris. A hydro jet is essentially a pressurized water hose that we insert into your lines to blast away any obstructions and restore your pipes to their original working condition. This hose sprays in all directions, allowing us to clean out even the most hard to reach spaces.

Drain Snaking

If your clog is minor or at surface level, we can clear it out and clean your drains using our snaking technique. This process uses a drain snake which is a hand-held equipment with an auger on one end that we use to dislodge your clog.

Camera Inspection

Once your drains are cleaned, we are able to use advanced camera technology to inspect your system. This step is an important part of maintaining your pipes as it allows us to catch any problem before it becomes an emergency. We use a small, water-proof camera to perform a detailed inspection of your lines. This camera is attached to a tractor that is navigated throughout your system by one of our trained technicians so that we can analyze the footage and give you an accurate diagnosis.

With so many chemical solutions claiming to clean your drains, is a professional really necessary? This is a good question, and the reality is that a professional cleaning will last longer and be better for your pipes in the long-run. Other DIY solutions can also lead to additional damage to your pipes. Our equipment is industry-leading and allows us to thoroughly clean your pipes while also inspecting for damage as well.

If you are in need of a professional drain cleaning, or simply want to find out more about Environmental Pipe’s services, call us today.

Three Benefits Of Having Your Pipes Cleaned Before The New Year

January 3, 2019 in News

The coming of the New Year brings resolutions, to-do lists and challenges. Don’t forget your residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial pipes, as they are one of the most important parts of a house. Here are three reasons why you should have a professional drain cleaning service done before we usher in a new year:


1. No Clogs and Faster Drains


Slow drains are usually signs that something far more serious is happening beneath your home’s foundations. More often than not, flow is impeded due to accumulation of wastes and debris. If all your drains are affected then it could be the whole sewer line that’s clogged. A thorough clean means improved flow and a more efficient sewer line. What’s more, you can prevent the buildup becoming more serious, such as constant backups, breakage and burst sewer pipes.


2. Big Savings on Water Bills


Relying on store-bought drain cleaning solutions not only advance corrosion but lead to environmental harm in the long run. Eventually, the material breaks and you’ll need to call in the services of a technician. A single leak or a crack in the line equals a higher water bill and can be more expensive to mend as compared to a cleaning service.

Homeowners will want to save wherever possible, and this is what drain cleaning can do for your property. Regular cleaning is much better and more environmental-friendly than cleaning products. You’ll start saving on your water bill the moment you call in a technician for maintenance.


3. A Clean and Fresh Place


Drains can hold standing water, spreading bacteria and causing noxious odors around the house. Worse, backed up drains are filled with germs and cause mold growth, which can be harmful for you or your family’s health. At Environmental Pipe, we utilize powerful drain cleaning equipment to wash out all the accumulated debris, calcified matter, and bacteria from inside the pipes to the municipal treatment system.

Have your pipes cleaned before the end of the year or if you don’t remember the last time you called in a professional.  A good drain cleaning procedure will have your plumbing system’s life extended for a fraction of the cost it takes to repair or rehabilitate.

What Kind of Sewer Damage Can CIPP Lining Repair? How Does It Work?

July 11, 2016 in News, Sewer Line Replacement

Cured-in-place pipes, usually referred to as CIPP, is one of the two methods used in trenchless sewer line repair. It is more cost-effective, quicker and less messy than conventional methods of repair.

Trenchless technology has been around for about 15 years, but few homeowners have heard about it. But it is rapidly gaining popularity because it has significant advantages over standard sewer repair.

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Why Your Business Needs Commercial Pipe Cleaning in DC?

May 28, 2016 in News

Over time, pipes get filthy. They back up, collect gunk, clog with hair and food and eventually become a headache for virtually any business. We provide commercial pipe cleaning in DC that handles virtually any plumbing problem that your business might have and more, providing your pipes with better longevity and preventing expensive repairs in the future (that could be completely avoided with annual cleaning or high-pressure water jetting.

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Dulles Airport Underground Pipe Rehabilitation

September 8, 2015 in News, Trenchless Pipe Repair

Here at Environmental Pipe we are known as the company who can handle the jobs that other companies cannot. When it comes to the difficult or tough jobs that most everyone else try to avoid, we embrace the challenge.  Case in point, 94″ diameter pipe under parking lot near Dulles airport in northern Virginia has massive pipe deterioration.  First off this pipe was so large that Shaquille O’Neal could walk through it without hitting his head, this pipe is nearly 8 foot in diameter!!  Who in their right mind would want to take on a job like this?

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Washington DC – Commercial Hotel Pipe Lining

August 26, 2015 in News

A well known, hotel in DC across from the White House remains open while sewers are relined. A small 3’x3′ hole was dug up to expose the line and the hotel and its restaurant were able to stay fully operational with no disruption. This was a commercial sewer reline project that required Environmental Pipe to install a 5″ epoxy resin liner inside the existing pipe.  When we do projects like this hotel, it is important to be able to do the work without having to have the property shut down or have to close business.  When you factor in the potential lost revenue savings the value is tremendous.  We are experts with this type of repair, we come in and fully access the situation and we can set up work areas without anyone knowing we are there.

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Why Cities Choose CIPP Pipe Repair

May 26, 2015 in News

Much ado has been made about the invention of fire and the wheel by our ancestors. But what’s the true mark of human civilization? A quality, well-maintained plumbing and sewer system. In other words, making sure that the toilets run on time.

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Henrico, VA Trenchless Pipe Repair – Another Satisfied Customer

May 5, 2015 in News

Here at Environmental Pipe we are the leading trenchless sewer and pipe rehabilitation specialists. We have been serving the greater Richmond area for over 20 years and specialize in Residential, Government, Municipal, Industrial and Large Commercial waste pipe line repairs, pipe replacements, pipe cleaning and CCTV pipe inspections. Basically if you are having a problem with any pipe or any system and need an expert opinion the give us a call as we offer FREE ESTIMATES and FREE CONSULTATION.

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