Due to the high demand and stress place on industrial pipes every day, it is very important to maintain them and repair them when they are experiencing issues. Taking the time to restore your industrial pipes can save you time and money. If your industrial property is experiencing sewer and drain problems, business operations can come to a screeching halt. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we service industrial facilities including manufacturing, distribution or refrigeration buildings, storage facilities, and data hosting or telecommunication centers. No matter what type of industrial property you have, we will always take care of your plumbing needs, so you never experience downtime due to pesky plumbing issues.

The Lining Process

One the most affordable, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting solutions to pipe repair is trenchless pipe lining also known as cured-in-place pipe. Trenchless pipe lining is a method of fixing and restoring your pipes that pushes a felt liner saturated with epozy resin through your damaged pipe to seal all imperfections. The liner is left in place to harden for 60 minutes to a couple hours if heat is used. Once the pipe has cured we will take a robotic cutter and insert it into your freshly lined pipe to reinstate lateral connections.  There are many benefits to trenchless pipe lining including, but not limited to the following:

It reduces downtime.

Since you the trenchless pipe lining process can be completed through a single access point, it reduces the downtime that is normally associated with sewer and drain repair. Our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning uses special waterproof cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment to take a real-time glimpse of the state of your plumbing and sewer lines and to make sure your pipes are properly rehabilitated and ready to use when our job is complete.

It reduces the risk of future problems.

Lining industrial pipes can reduce repair time and minimize the risk of having an array of plumbing problems. Industrial CIPP liners are rated to last several decades which means that it prevents future pipe problems from occurring. The liner or “new pipe” formed inside of your existing one is extremely strong and lengthens the lifespan of your pipes. At Environmental Pipe Cleaning, we use the liners to support the existing structure of the pipe and allows for the undamaged part of the pipe to still be used.

It reduces maintenance costs.

Because CIPP liners can handle high temperature flows and are resistant to almost any chemical used in process sewers and require little to no excavation, this allow for quick and inexpensive repairs. Their strength also reduces problems from happening in the first place. Choosing these liners reduce plumbing problems and keeps your industrial facility functioning at its best potential throughout the year.

Choose Lining Services Today

Lining industrial pipes is a wise investment. It helps to reduce plumbing problems and shorten the time needed for repairs.  Because they are part of a trenchless process, the investment time and cost are less than traditional methods. Supporting and reusing parts of the original pipes helps to keep industrial property in tact while utilizing your systems full potential. Contact our team at Environmental Pipe Cleaning today for more information about how we can best restore your industrial sewer and drain pipes.