Routine pipe cleaning is a key part in maintaining your property. Environmental Pipe Cleaning uses advanced technology and expertise to clean your drains efficiently, and in a way that is safe for your pipes and the environment. Here are some of the reasons why our drain cleaning method stands out:

Hydro Jetting

Our trenchless service of hydro jetting is the ultimate way to restore your pipes and clear your drains of any debris. A hydro jet is essentially a pressurized water hose that we insert into your lines to blast away any obstructions and restore your pipes to their original working condition. This hose sprays in all directions, allowing us to clean out even the most hard to reach spaces.

Drain Snaking

If your clog is minor or at surface level, we can clear it out and clean your drains using our snaking technique. This process uses a drain snake which is a hand-held equipment with an auger on one end that we use to dislodge your clog.

Camera Inspection

Once your drains are cleaned, we are able to use advanced camera technology to inspect your system. This step is an important part of maintaining your pipes as it allows us to catch any problem before it becomes an emergency. We use a small, water-proof camera to perform a detailed inspection of your lines. This camera is attached to a tractor that is navigated throughout your system by one of our trained technicians so that we can analyze the footage and give you an accurate diagnosis.

With so many chemical solutions claiming to clean your drains, is a professional really necessary? This is a good question, and the reality is that a professional cleaning will last longer and be better for your pipes in the long-run. Other DIY solutions can also lead to additional damage to your pipes. Our equipment is industry-leading and allows us to thoroughly clean your pipes while also inspecting for damage as well.

If you are in need of a professional drain cleaning, or simply want to find out more about Environmental Pipe’s services, call us today.