The Client:
A National Premium meats company

Issue: new drain pipes installed developed sags due to not properly compacted soil below slab where critical product storages were located in new facility.

Possible solutions recommended by other contractors and engineers: A) excavate entire pipes and replace them. B) reroute to a different section of facilities but cost would be extreme. C) install holding tanks and pump multiple times per week or month after rerouting all drains, extreme cost involved plus on going cost for pumping. D) reroute all drains to an open field and install a drain field system, extremely costly.

Solution: we were called in to evaluate and recommended installing a small pump station in restroom floor and slip line the faulty pipe with a smaller diameter pipe to the point past all faulty areas. Cost was a small fraction of all other suggestions and much less invasive. We always encourage our teams to think outside the box for solutions that are long term and cost effective. Another happy customer. 🙂